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Infloscreen is compact , robust and value for money, featuring a screen aperture from 1mm to 6mm and suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Please Note: This product requires careful selection and our sales team will be pleased to advise on your requirements.

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Performance Image for Infloscreen

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Product Information



Rotary Drum Screen (In-channel)

Features and Benefits

  • Compact and robust screen. Low building costs
  • In-channel screen. No lifting pumps required
  • Screen aperture from 1mm to 6mm, all in self-cleaning stainless steel wedgewire. Minimizing screen stapling, blinding and capturing up to 80% to gap size.
  • Screenings are removed from inside the drum by suitable fluming and spray nozzles. No mechanical devices used inside the screen drum.
  • Screens present large contact area to the incoming sewage. Hence higher capacity and less head loss for the same size.
  • Washing and compacting of the extracted solids. Low content of faecal matter and reduced volume of screenings.
  • Shaftless spiral screw to lift the screenings. Absence of blockages even in the presence of long rags and fibrous products.
  • Extracting screw parallel or at right angles to the flow in channel. This leads to a simple installation
  • Extractng screw up to 50° inclination and with length up to more than 10 metres. This allows installation of the unit in deep channels.
  • Installation by means of four holding down brackets. Low installation costs and easy to be installed in existing plants.
  • Possibility to discharge the screenings in single and continuous plastic bag. Reduced odours, easy to transport.
  • Flows up to 2,500 l/sec
  • Possibility to use plant effluent water for the screenings wash
  • Optional faecal breaker wash system available.