Libra Midi Control Panels

Libra Midi offers the features and functions of our renowned hard-wired control panel but with a combination of PCB & compact control gear.

Libra Midi can be used in conjunction with 1-phase and 3-phase motors rated up to 18A full load current and controlled using various liquid level detection methods, such as our FLO range of float switches, LevelPal level sensors, pressure switches and conductivity probes.

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Product Information

Libra Midi Control Panels


The Libra Midi is T-T’s intermediate motor control offering, in our reliable long-standing Libra range and offers a solution for most motor control scenarios.

Libra Midi uses a combination of traditional hard-wired control gear along with printed circuit board technology. Main traditional components consist of an isolator, short circuit fuse protection and contactors. The remaining features are then PCB based.

Available in both single & dual-motor variants, it offers a host of features in an IP67 enclosure, suitable for use with various level control devices.

Each motor can be operated up to 12A.FLC. (Full Load Current).


  • Multipurpose, compact PCB design.
  • IP67 enclosure, suitable for outdoor locations.
  • Multi-voltage, the unit can operate either 230V or 400V motors.
  • End-user can choose which level sensor best suits their system.
  • Separate terminal connection compartment.
  • Cost effective & reliable.


  • Detects incorrect phase rotation.
  • Overload protection.
  • Current monitoring on the front display.
  • Motor operational hours on the front display.
  • Manual or Automatic control via selector buttons.
  • Manual or Remote reset possible.
  • Various operational LED’s for running, tripped, high level and power on.
  • Alternating duty, the PCB switches between which motor should start, based on the hours run duration.
  • Sensor types available for automatic motor control are below:
  • Floats.
  • Conductivity probes.
  • T-T LevelPal.
  • Hybrid mode, where conductivity probes can be used alongside a float.
  • Pressure transducer.
  • Various timer modes are available:
  • Off Delay – After the motor is called to stop, it continues to run for a set period.
  • On Delay – A motor does not start after being called to run for a set period.
  • Cyclic On/Off and Off/On – Alternative motor on and off between the set time.


  • Pumping systems
  • Conveyor systems
  • Basements
  • Flood defence systems
  • Motor Control


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