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Above Ground Pumping Stations

The Trojan range of pumping stations are compact above ground package pumping stations suitable for surface water, sewage and drainage applications where a conventional below ground pumping station is not a viable option. These fully assembled above ground lifting stations are manufactured in single or dual pump options and come with vortex, single, channel or grinder pumps and control equipment fitted as standard. They offer easy installation and provide an ideal solution when you are looking for an above ground sewage pumping station. 

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4 Items found

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Above Ground Pumping Stations

Our range of above ground pumping stations features a selection of advanced products that are ideally suited for use in multiple applications, including waste water, drainage water, and sewage and treatment works. These robust and reliable above ground pumping stations are also ideal for use in housing estates, schools, hospitals, hotels, and nursing homes. As they use gravity flow,  they offer easy installation and an ideal solution when you are looking for an above ground sewage pumping station.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

How does a pumping station above ground pumping station work?

Typically, sewage is fed into and stored in a wet well. When the level of the sewage rises to a predetermined point, a pump will be activated via integral level control, to lift the sewage under pressure through a discharge pipe system from where it is received into a gravity sewer manhole.

The level is monitored by level control equipment. This could be via a float switch or liquid level sensor. A float switch monitors the liquid level by floating on the top of the liquid present, an internal micro switch will turn the effluent pump station on and off when it has been moved by the liquid to the on/off switching point.

Once the pumps are switched on, they will pump the liquid through the pipework to a gravity sewer.


How do you build an above ground lift station?

It is very unlikely that you will be able to build an above ground lift station due to the complexities and make sure you have the correct sizing. All our pumping stations are built in our purpose-built factory. 


How do you size an above ground pumping station?

We always  suggest that this is not for the untrained, selection is offered by TT Pumps at no extra cost so it is always best to speak to the professionals