Low Volume, Domestic & Utility Pumping Stations

The T-T Pumps Utility systems are ideal for lower volumes of effluents that need to be removed from domestic and commercial applications. They’re designed specifically for in-house locations that have gravity inlet options and pressured discharge outlets. All these units are fully repairable and robustly designed for reliability and long life. Please consult our Sales Team who will be happy to help in selecting the optimum system for your application.

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  1. The T-T Utility Box, a white polypropylene lifting tank with pipes and fittings on the top.


    Starting from £720.00

  2. Loopak Professional Pro macerator pump, a white unit with a grey outlet on the front and black pipe fitting on the side.


    Starting from £525.00

  3. Zenit blueBOX - Polyethylene Lifting Station

    Zenit blueBOX - Polyethylene Lifting Station

    Starting from Contact Sales

    Zenit's blueBOX Range of polyethylene lifting stations come in a range of sizes and designs to cover all sizes of applications, from domestic to industrial settings.

  4. A Blue Box 500S industrial lifting station, consisting of two blue units and black pipework fitted to the outside.

    Zenit's Industrial blueBOX features high-efficiency sewage and drainage pumps for effective pumping in applications where a below ground pumping system cannot be used.

4 Items found

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