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Package Pumping Stations

Designed and manufactured by our in-house team and approved by the BBA, the Planet® Range of package pumping stations caters for everything from small single dwellings up to larger multi-dwelling applications. For larger projects where greater storage is required, the XL and XXL Planet® Range can handle this higher capacity.

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What do package pump stations do?

Packaged Pumping Stations are essentially used to transfer sewage from one site to another. They can move sewage in most directions and have the power to transfer sewage uphill if required.

One reason people choose a private pumping station (PPS) is that they can not connect to the main sewage line.

Suitable for use in a range of wastewater and sewage applications, in situations where removal is not possible under gravity, such as in single dwellings, hotels, nursing homes, schools, hospitals, and housing developments. Read our helpful how-to guide to learn more.

Our Pumping Stations are BBA-Approved

All of our Pumping Stations in the Planet® Range are BBA-approved. This gives you the reassurance that our products are of a high standard and have been assessed, tested and approved by one of the UK’s leading notified bodies. Our package pumping stations have been certified by the BBA to demonstrate that they are a product of high standards.

Learn more about BBA and how our pumping stations have been assessed...


Each of our package pumping stations is a complete unit, specifically designed to be easy to install and maintain. They include everything you’ll need for efficient and reliable water treatment, including vortex pumps, valves, and control panels.

  • Pump chambers are well-engineered and manufactured. They have passed rigorous and detailed testing, site inspections and factory production control assessment by the British

  • Board of Agrément to achieve certification approval - learn more.

  • Designed for use in domestic, commercial or industrial schemes.

  • Smooth internal walls aid the hygienic disposal of effluents, to avoid smells and septicity.

  • Package pumping stations come complete with pipework pre-assembled in the chamber. This makes them ready for installation into the ground, after which the pumps and control equipment are added.

  • All package pumping stations are supplied with controls for fully automatic operation and a high-level alarm indicator. Pumps are available with an integral float switch on request.

  • Units can be adapted to suit individual requirements at the manufacturing stage.

  • Packages are available on short lead times to fit in with tight construction schedules.

  • A comprehensive instruction manual is provided.

6 package pumping station with engineer stood in the middle 6 package pumping station with engineer stood in the middle

Package Pumping Station FAQs

How much space will a pumping station take?
What is a package pumping station?
What is the difference between private and adoptable pumping stations?
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Common Questions 

What is a package pumping station?

A package pump station is a complete unit comprising of a chamber, pumps, pipework, valves, control panel and level control pre-assembled as a complete unit. A package pumping station is primarily used in the private sector and commonly isn’t normally adopted by the water authority. Package pumping stations come in varying sizes to suit the requirements of the flow and application.

How much space will a pumping station take?

Our package pumping stations have the following dimensions:

  • Mercury – 1.2m deep x 1m diameter
  • Venus – 2.3m deep x 1m diameter
  • Saturn – 2m – 4.5m deep x 1.5m diameter
  • Jupiter – 2.5m – 4.5m deep x 2.1m diameter

An adoptable pumping station requires a complete segregated compound area with access for future maintenance vehicles and larger plant lifting equipment.  The size of the compound can vary depending upon the size of the application and which authority the development falls under.