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Above Ground Pumping Stations

Our range of above ground pumping stations features a selection of advanced products that are ideally suited for use in multiple applications, including waste water, drainage water, and sewage and treatment works. These robust and reliable above ground pumping stations are also ideal for use in housing estates, schools, hospitals, hotels, and nursing homes.

In our range of above ground pumping stations you’ll find the cutting-edge Trojan line. These compact pumping stations provide a complete unit that’s supplied with vortex pumps, valves, and control panels. Easy to install and maintain, they’re designed for use in waste water and sewage applications where removal is not possible under gravity.

The Trojan range includes the Trojan Vortex, the Trojan Vortex Large, the Trojan Grinder and the Trojan Channel. They feature polyethylene chambers and pneumatic level control, with LCD display, fault and alarm controls available. Each Trojan above ground pumping station product is available in a range of sizes, capable of handling up to 100mm of solids. If you’re unsure which model is right for you, give us a call and our project specialists will be happy to advise on your requirements.

Take a look at our Trojan cutting system in action on our Youtube channel here.