Check Valves

A check valve (also referred to as clack valve, non-return valve or reflux valve) is a self-acting device that prevents reserve flow of process media within a pipeline.  Valves should be selected taking into consideration process media, pressure and velocity.  Our range of check valves includes an extensive range of swing, wafer, axial, ball, non-slam recoil and backflow preventer check valves for use in potable, clean and waste water applications.


Handy hint:  Our swing check valve range is compliant with the latest Sewer or Adoption guidelines and fully WRAS approved.  

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  1. Swing Check Valve to Prevent Reverse Flow

    Starting From £498.00 £415.00

  2. Anti-Flood Valve

    Starting From £62.40 £52.00

  3. Recoil Check Valve

    Starting From £616.80 £514.00

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  5.  Metal Seat Swing Check Valve

    Starting From £4,140.00 £3,450.00

  6. Double Hinge Flap Valve

    Starting From £81.60 £68.00

  7. Wafer Check Valve

    Starting From £141.60 £118.00

  8. Ball Check Valve

    Starting From £98.40 £82.00

9 Items

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