Isolation Valves

An isolation valve is a device used to stop the flow of process media at given position within a pipeline.  Valves should be selected taking into consideration process media, pressure, velocity and duty (on/off or modulating/throttling).  Our range of isolation valves includes an extensive range of wedge gate, eccentric plug, penstock, knife gate, butterfly and ball valves for use in with potable, clean and waste water applications.


Handy hint:  Wedge gate valves should only be left in the fully open or closed position to prevent component damage and ensure longevity.  

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  1. Aquavault Resilient Seat Wedge Gate Valve

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  3. MSGV F4

    Starting From £116.40 £97.00

  4. Wafer Butterfly Valve

    Starting From £69.60 £58.00

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