Sewers for Adoption

What is Sewers for Adoption?

Sewers for Adoption is an initiative designed to ensure that commercial and domestic developers build to a required standard and quality, in accordance with the current legislation detailed in the latest publication of Sewers for Adoption (SFA). The specification, build and installation of the system must comply with local Water Company specifications in order to achieve ‘adoption’. The water company is then liable for the responsibility of the running and operating costs once the adoption has taken place.

Since the introduction of sewers for adoption in 1981, we have worked with Water Companies throughout the UK and we are fully compliant of their requirements and expectations. This allows us to ensure that your system is adopted within a fast and cost-effective time frame, as well as providing the correct equipment to meet the needs of your particular scheme. Click the link below to read more about our adoptable pumping stations and associated products and services.

Adoptable Pumping Stations

Sewers for Adoption 7 Edition

Guidelines for the ‘Sewers for Adoption’ are published within the WRC plc, detailing guidance for the design and construction of sewers that will be adopted by Sewerage Undertakers in England and Wales. To find out more, visit:

Adoptable Control Panels

T-T works with all of the UK’s leading housing development companies, to supply a reliable and cost-effective pumping solution, which will assist in reducing overall build costs on the development.

As well as offering a complete adoptable pumping station solution, T-T Controls designs and manufactures specifically control panels for adoption, managing the project completely from concept to commission. We have over 30 years of industry experience combined with extensive knowledge of Sewers for Adoption. Working with all water companies over this period T-T Controls have developed a clear awareness of the requirements and expectations. Click the link below to find out more about our Controls division and the products available.


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