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T-T's RainCycle has been specially designed to utilise rainwater, which would normally go to waste, with three different systems available - Garden, Domestic and Commercial.

Please Note: This product requires careful selection and our sales team will be pleased to advise on your requirements.

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T-T Rain Water Harvesting

The RainCycle has been specifically designed to utilise rainwater which would normally go to waste, with three different systems available - Garden, Domestic or Commercial.

How a typical RainCycle system operates

Rain water is captured from the roof and diverted into the RainCycle system, which then flows into the Volume Filter; as water flows through the inlet the level builds up and is equally distributed across the cascade.

The largest dirt particles flow over the primary filter cascading directly to the storm water drain or soak-away.

The pre-filtered water then flows over the secondary filter sieve (mesh size 0.65mm) and into the RainCycle chamber, via a calmed inlet which prevents disturbance of the settled sedimentation layer at the base of the chamber, ready for use.


  • Chamber sizes from 1350 litres - 13,000 litres with the option of bespoke chambers up to 90,000 litres
  • Pump chambers are well manufactured and engineered and have passed rigorous tests
  • Our standard pump chamber is made of strong, medium density polyethylene, with the bespoke chambers being made from GRP
  • Units can be adapted to suit individual requirements at manufacturing stage
  • Available on short lead-times
  • Control panels are included as standard
  • A comprehensive installation manual is included as standard
  • Systems incorporating a back-up from the mains water supply require a type AA or AB backflow prevention device, if using a direct system we offer a mains water top-up box which is complete with built in AA air group


  • Flushing
  • Laundry facilities
  • Garden water / irrigation 



  • Housing
  • Domestic Waste Water
  • Commercial Development

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