Precast Concrete Sump - Ready Sump

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The Ready Sump is a sewage, drainage and effluent pumping station precast concrete sump.


Requires specialist selection. To order call: +44 (0) 1630 647200

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Ready Sump

This precast concrete sump is a unique design that incorporates the key features required for sewage, drainage and effluent stations and that meets the adoptable standards demanded by the water companies. The ready sump has been brought to you in collaboration with CPM, click on the link below to check out their website,  
These engineered precast concrete sumps are produced to high standards with a quality controlled process using precision tools. They have been specifically designed and built with efficiency and cost saving in mind. As a standard product the Ready Sump® is a stock item and available for delivery to your site on short lead times to suit your requirements. Sealed concrete rings, traditional non sealed concrete rings, access covers and inlet chambers are available options.


  • Smooth and clean design
  • Rapid, economic and safe installation
  • Reduces health and safety risks on site
  • Suitable for adoptable and private pumping station
  • Superior hydraulic performance
  • Reduces construction time and costs
  • Readily Available


  • Adoptable pumping stations
  • Non-adoptable pumping stations
  • Draining pumping stations


  • Breweries And Food Processors
  • Hotels And Leisure
  • Housing
  • Sewage Treatment Works