T-T Pumps offers a comprehensive range of pumps and valves for the marine, naval and off-shore fields. These pumps are designed in corrosive resistant materials to ensure their resilience against salt water and arasive materials. Our range is portable and easy to maintain, making it perfect for this sector. 

  1. Potable FLO107 float switch for level control in potable or clean water
    FLO107 Float Switches
    Starting From £87.60 £73.00
  2. FLO106 Fuel float switch for level control in diesel or oil tanks
    FLO106 Float Switches
    Starting From £54.00 £45.00
  3. Cost-effective float switch
    FLO103 Float Switches
    Starting From £46.80 £39.00
  4. FLO102 float switch for level control in general applications
    FLO102 Float Switches
    Starting From £79.20 £66.00
  5. FLO101 Float Switch for level control in zone related areas
    FLO101 Float Switches
    Starting From £85.20 £71.00
  6. Liberator - 2" drainage pump
    Liberator - 2" Submersible Drainage Pump
    Starting From £384.00 £320.00
  7. Standard DOL/ASD Control Panels for single or dual motor control
    Starting From £31.20 £26.00
  8. J Range surface mounted, self-priming centrifugal pump
    J Range
    Starting From £1,146.00 £955.00
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