Sewage Treatment Works

Sewage and water treatment works generally uses mechanical, biological and chemical processes to remove contaminants from waste water. Water treatment aims to reduce the pollution contained in the water before it is released. T-T supply heavy duty submersible chopper pumps, aerators and mixers to aid this process.

  1. Standard DOL/ASD Control Panels for single or dual motor control

    Starting From £31.20 £26.00

  2. PTS 80-150 chopper pump
    PTS 80-150 Series

    Starting From £1,320.00 £1,100.00

  3. TT305 / TT505 / TT510 submersible sewage pump

    Starting From £1,500.00 £1,250.00

  4. V-Flow Vortex Impeller Submersible Pump
    V-Flow Range (EExd IIB T4)

    Starting From £3,060.00 £2,550.00

  5. E-Flow Submersible Sewage Pump
    E-Flow Range (EExd IIB T4)

    Starting From £4,680.00 £3,900.00

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