Waste Water

Sewerage pumping stations have come a long way since the Great Stink back in the summer of 1858, where sewerage systems didn’t exist and London was an unbearable place to be. Thanks to engineers Joseph Bazalgette and Edmund Cooper, and architect Charles Driver a sewage system was implemented and today it is as innovative as ever. Along with budgets, there are many things to consider when thinking about pumping systems in developments:

  • Technical specifications – how much effluent is the pumping station going to need to remove?
  • Space – how much space is the pumping station going to need?
  • Low maintenance – is the pumping station easy to maintain?
  • Longevity and resilience – is the pumping station going to withstand the required tasks?
  • Installation – is the pumping station easy to install?

T-T have been developing pumping stations for efficient and cost effective removal of sewage and waste water for over 55 years, and have the knowledge and expertise to provide their clients with customised solutions that are adapted to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for a private pumping station that is suitable for a single dwelling, or an adoptable station for a large system that facilitates a commercial site, T-T can provide the complete solution from concept to completion.

Non-Adoptable Pumping Stations

Non-adoptable pumping stations can be utilised in single dwellings, business premises, commercial/industrial properties, hotels, nursing homes and so on. A non-adoptable pumping station is far more economical to install as it does not need to meet the demands of the Water Companies’ specifications, however the property owners are responsible for the running and maintenance costs. Non-adoptable pumping stations are quick and easy to install and less space is required. Non-adoptable pumping stations are package pumping stations therefore they provide an efficient and economical way of installing a sewage and drainage pumping station.

Non-adoptable pumping stations also known as private package pumping stations typically contain a preformed chamber element, assembled off site along with its own internal pipe work and valve system integral to the same chamber, delivered to site in short timescales and ready for installation.  The package pumping station is taken from a range of standard designs available on very short lead times.

Adoptable Pumping Stations

An adoptable pumping station is tailored to suit each site.  Each station is constructed individually and to site specific drawings.  The chamber well is constructed using concrete rings on site in line with the design drawings and engineers attend site at various intervals to install the pipe work and valve assemblies in situ.

Adoptable pumping stations can be utilised in multiple housing developments and commercial properties. Adoptable pumping stations have to comply with the current requirements of Sewers for Adoption by the local water company, therefore lead time is longer to suit these requirements. However, T-T Pumps Ltd have innovatively designed the Ready Sump a precast concrete sump which aims to reduce installation time, costs and safety risks on site. The positive of having an adoptable pumping station is that running and operation costs are the responsibility of the water company after adoption. Adoptable pumping stations are bespoke and designed to suit your specific requirements.

The choice of utilising adoptable or non-adoptable pumping stations is very often a case of economies and whether the necessary space is available for an Adoptable Pumping Station.

Adoptable pumping stations need to meet the requirements of Sewers for Adoption, this is to ensure that the developer builds to a required standard and quality. To achieve adoption of a pumping station the specification, build and installation of the system would have to be complient with Local Water Company specifications.

Details of the Sewers for Adoption guidelines can be found here: http://sfa.wrcplc.co.uk/

Having worked with all Water Companies over the years T-T are fully aware of their requirements, expectations and current legislation.

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