Why choose Seer monitoring?

A blue and pink logo displaying SEER Monitoring, the logo for T-T's range of monitoring units. A blue and pink logo displaying SEER Monitoring, the logo for T-T's range of monitoring units.

Seer® is an advanced data logger which uses cloud-based technology to continually communicate the operational status of your pump station in real time.

This collected data is then analysed by our in-house team of experienced Mechanical, Electrical and Automation Engineers who have a wealth of pump station design and manufacturing knowledge, in both Private and Adoptable sectors.





Why choose Seer Monitoring?

Quite simply, it saves time, money, resources and reduces environmental impact. This means that instead of needing service/inspection visits, we can remotely view operational performance and consequently schedule visits to suit, saving time and money compared to traditional planned pump maintenance. Any issues which do arise are able to be identified early and dealt with accordingly. From here we can perform some actions remotely, such as pump resets*, removing the need for costly breakdown callouts. (*when used with a compatible control panel).

Seer is the equivalent to having an Engineer based on site 24/7, 365 days a year, monitoring the performance of the pump station at all times.

We remotely log data on the parameters of the pump station’s operating cycle, monitoring variables such as wet well fill rates and pump and valve performance. This ensures we only deploy labour when absolutely necessary and with predetermined expectations of the issue on site, ensuring that any breakdowns can be resolved efficiently and effectively. Seer® also reduces the risk of environmental incidents. With data being continually reported and sent to the cloud for alerts to be generated accordingly, the chance of a breakdown with environmental effects is eliminated.

Benefits of Seer Monitoring

  • Total peace of mind - the pump station is monitored in real time 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Reduced maintenance costs - no need for unnecessary, inspection only visits
  • Early intervention - preventing detrimental failures with continual remote monitoring
  • Proactive maintenance – we attend site with knowledge of the anticipated cause, ensuring an efficient resolution
  • Urgent reaction when needed –rest assured we’ve got you covered, helping to reduce potential environmental issues
  • Remote reset functionality -* when used with a compatible control panel.
  • Trending and pump station analysis - data is reviewed by our in house multi-disciplined experts with their wealth of pump station experience
  • Secure cloud based hosting of the data - connectivity by industrial M2M data SIM
  • Improved pump station life cycle costs
  • Data history available on request- assisting the pre-adoption hand over process
  • Reduced carbon footprint – deploying engineers only when required, making efficiencies with anticipated parts, and visits consolidated geographically without risk

Did you know Seer Monitoring is also available with our Pump Maintenance Packages?

As part of our Level 2 and Level 3* packages, T-T offers pumping station monitoring, including weekly status reports and advice on failures (subject to conditions of our out-of-hours contract).

*Monitoring is available on all Level 3 agreements as an optional extra. Other monitoring systems are available.