SFC/V Vertical Screen Compactor

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SFC/V is used for seperation and compacting of the solids for effluent pumping stations.

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SFC/V Vertical Screen Compactor

Separation and compacting of the solids for effluent pumping stations.

Vertical screen with shaftless screw conveyor to lift up the screenings and compact/dewater them (in SFC/V model only) before the discharge.


  • SF/V - Screen and lifting up of the extracted solids.
  • SF/CV - Screen, lifting up and compacting of the extracted solids before the discharge.
  • SF/V2 and SF/V2T -A special model for installation before Package Sewage Treatment Plant without and with "cylindrical receiver" around the screen basket.


  • Ideal for screening of Effluent Pumping Stations and Treatment Plants where solids matter is a problem.
  • Blockages and failures can be dramatically reduced, improving environmental performance and cost.


  • Combined machine to screen liquid in deep pump wells up to 8m depth
  • The screened solids are lifted and compacted before discharge
  • It is installed directly into the pump well