Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) supports the continuous improvement of buildings, community and the environment by working with architects, RIBA members and the government. RIBA product selector provides the construction industry with a library of up to date manufacturers in the building industry.  Click on the link below to see our RIBA profile.

RIBA Product Selector – T-T

T-T are constantly working to improve our experiences for specifiers. That is why this year we have endeavored to make our products available on the RIBA product selector, which is associated with the NBS product selector, to put our product data at the forefront of designers at the point of specification. We are proud to be listed within this industry-leading and definitive online resource, ensuring easy selection of our product and service information during the specification process. Understanding that RIBA is a trusted board, we are aiming to have our complete range approved under these important accredited boards.

BIM Objects

We are also accredited by the NBS and have recently launched our BIM objects on the NBS National BIM library, meaning our products meet the internationally-recognised BIM object standard. Building information modelling (BIM) combines 3D models with data rich information, providing a specifier and architects with the tools to make informed decisions collaboratively and more efficiently.

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