Port of Immingham - Private Pumping Station

The Port of Immingham (Associated British Ports) is the UK’s largest Port by tonnage, handling approximately 465 million tonnes of cargo annually and critical to connecting business across the UK and the world. As part of a larger groundworks package, T-T Pumps were approached by the principal contractor to construct the pumping station required for the job.

The pumping station was constructed for stormwater, to be collected from an area of approximately 11,940 meters squared of hardstanding. This drainage water entered the pumping station and then was pumped via a short rising main through a port headwall and directly into the Humber Estuary. Due to the high standards of Health and Safety on-site, it was requested by the Port Authority that an external valve chamber was used, for maintenance, and fall arrest access covers enclosed the wet wells. These are commonly items left for adoptable standards systems, so extra precautions on this private specification system were taken.

The pumping station, designed in line with an adoptable specification but maintained privately, was constructed with a 3.6m internal diameter and 4.10m deep concrete chamber. This wet well is suitable for a rising main invert at 4000m. Two 400V ZUG fully submersible pumps were selected from the Uniqa range, featuring a cast-iron impeller, stainless steel pump shaft and oil-filled chamber utilising a mechanical seal shaft. T-T proposed a dual pump arrangement, complete with duty/assist and operated by T-T’s range of FLO102 float switches to ensure efficient level control.

This is just one of the many projects T-T Pumping Stations have been involved in. For more information on our involvement with this project, or to speak to a member of the sales team, contact us at www.ttpumps.com/contact-us/ or call +44 (0) 1630 647200.

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