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Terms and Conditions of Service Agreements

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T-T Terms and Conditions of Service Agreements

Please read the following T-T terms and conditions of our service agreements

  1. This Agreement is valid for the period stated from the agreed commencement date (or until such time as the Agreement is terminated.  (See paragraph 9)
  2. T-T Pumps undertakes to service the above equipment at the intervals stated on your service agreement or to suit your requirements.
  3. The charge per service will be invoiced directly after each service and is payable within 30 days. (Subject to credit approval) unless stated differently in the agreement.
  4. The service charge relates only to the labour involved carrying out the service any materials and parts will be charged at the current price.
  5. Health and Safety Inductions over 15 minutes duration will be charged in addition to the quoted service price.
  6. The period between services may be altered at any time, by agreement of both parties.
  7. T-T Pumps are under no liability in tort or in contract, for any loss or damage of any kind whether resulting from negligence or otherwise arising directly or indirectly from any failure or breakdown of the equipment stated on your service agreement or caused directly or indirectly by or resulting from the equipment except if such loss or damage is caused by the willful default or negligence of T-T Pumps.
  8. The Agreement relates only to the service of the equipment stated on your service agreement and does not relate to any other equipment or accessories unless specifically stated in the Agreement.
  9. The Agreement relates only to the customer, address and equipment referred to and is not transferable without the written consent of T-T Pumps.
  10. This Agreement may be terminated by either party provided that one month’s notice is given in writing and one service has been completed.
  11. T-T Pumps undertakes to give a full report to the customer on the conditions and future maintenance requirements of the equipment at each service.
  12. Parts under the value of £200.00 will not be quoted for, but will be fitted on the next service.
  13. T-T Pumps undertakes to give a full preferential service to customers with current Service Agreements in the event of a breakdown of the equipment mentioned.
  14. The customer undertakes to ensure that the facilities and conditions of the site comply with the Health & Safety Act etc. 1974.  If there is any risk of our engineers coming into contact with toxic or dangerous substances whilst on site, the customer must inform T-T Pumps in writing of the substances and measures they will take to ensure that T-T Pumps engineers can work safely.  T-T Pumps engineers may refuse to enter or work on any site where there is a risk to their health or safety.

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