THE XL and XXL Planet® Range

THE XL and XXL Planet® Range

The XL & XXL Planet® Range of Package Pumping Stations designed and manufactured by T-T provide an efficient and economical way of installing a sewage/drainage pumping station.

To avoid expensive additional storage solutions, T-T's XL and XXL ranges provide emergency storage within a single preformed unit.

XL & XXL Planet® Range features

When capacity or saturation causes the need to discharge effluent to the local sewer network at a reduced rate, the XL and XXL Planet® Range offer a single solution. These package pumping stations hold and store liquids and discharge at the permitted rate.

The XL and XXL Planet® Range is designed and manufactured in the UK. They have passed rigorous and detailed testing, site inspections and factory production control assessments. Each pumping station comes complete with pipework and is pre-assembled in the chamber, ready for installation into the ground, after which the pumps and control equipment are added. Each pump chamber is made of strong GRP with smooth internal walls which aid the hygienic disposal of effluents, to avoid smells and septicity. Other features include:

  • Pump stations are well-engineered and manufactured, They have passed rigorous and detailed testing, site inspections and factory production control assessment
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK
  • Smooth internal walls aid the hygienic disposal of effluents, to avoid smells and septicity
  • All package pumping stations are supplied with controls for fully automatic operation, and a high-level indicator as standard
  • Units can be adapted to suit individual requirements at the manufacturing stage
  • Packages are available on short lead times to fit in with high construction schedules
  • A comprehensive manual is provided
  • Applications include housing developments, commercial and industrial 

We have a comprehensive range of pumps are available to meet specific site applications. The chambers can also be bespoke to meet the individual specification. Full details are below.


Our highly trained and experienced engineers will guide you through the process, from selection to final commissioning. We will select the best system from our extensive range of pumps to ensure optimum performance and economy for your individual site application.


Our skilled in-house team and on-site engineers offer a comprehensive after-sales service for your site with pump maintenance packages for your pumping system. Unexpected failures of pumping stations can be minimised with T-T Service’s comprehensive support, encompassing domestic, commercial/industrial pumping stations, valves, control panels and more.


When unexpected failures occur, our service department has the internal resources for any emergency pump repairs and reactive maintenance, through our emergency breakdown service. Whether you have an unexpected breakdown, a broken pump, or a faulty pumping station - our service teams will be on hand to help.


T-T provides 24/7, 365 peace of mind with its Seer Monitoring range, consisting of three models. The Seer units use an advanced cloud-based monitoring system allowing the user and our in-house pump engineers to continually analyse and monitor the plant to ensure smooth continual running.