Umbilical Slurry Drag Hose - Dragman

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The Dragman and Dragman Premium hoses are designed to withstand extreme tensile stress and abrasion caused from umbilical slurry systems.


Specialist Product, Requires Technical Advice. To order call: +44 (0) 1630 647200

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The Dragman and Dragman Premium Mandals hoses are a lightweight slurry hose designed for umbilical slurry drag systems, distributing slurry and manure across agricultural fields. The Dragman is the ideal solution for this because it has been designed to withstand extreme tensile stress, pulling forces and abrasion.

Between the slurry reservoirs (lagoons) and the tow tractors hoses are connected. From the lagoon to the edge of the field transfer hoses are used, however the section behind the tow tractor is put under constant stress whilst it is being dragged across the field. The specific features of the Dragman range make this the perfect solution as it is constructed with a TPU cover which provides abrasion resistance 4-5 times that of the standard rubber that is often used. To ensure it is able to withstand extreme pull forces the tensile strength has been substantially increased.

The Dragman Premium provides a thicker pipewall for increased durability as well as having higher longitudinal tensile strength.


  • Slurry
  • Wastewater
  • Mine Dewatering

Our standard length is up to 200m however if you would like something longer please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Please see our datasheets for further technical information on our slurry hose. 

Dragman - Datasheet 

Dragman Premium - Datasheet


  • Agriculture
  • Biogas Plants