Website build - Invitation to tender

Website build - Invitation to tender

We are looking for a website development team to build our new website.

T-T Pumps PQQ

T-T Pumps Ltd is a major manufacturer and supplier of pumps, valves, controls, pumping stations and environmental and agricultural products, this is supported by our after-sales service.


Our current website was launched in March 2016, built on Magento 1, we are now taking the opportunity to relaunch our website, whilst re-platforming onto Magento 2.

We are looking for a Magento 2 specialist to redevelop our e-commerce website, whilst updating to incorporate new features. We need a company to lead on implementation of frontend and backend software development, hosting and technical support.

You will be working alongside our internal Marketing department and external SEO/Digital Marketing company.

Procurement and Schedule

Invitation to tender - 1st May 2018

Deadline for return of Pre-Qualification Questionnaire - 25th May 2018 (14:00hrs)

Contractors invited to tender by the release of invitation to tender documents - 8th June 2018

Deadline for return of tenders - 6th July 2018

Interviews - 16th July 2018

Framework awarded - 27th July 2018

Framework start - 1st August 2018

Instructions to Tender

These instructions are designed to ensure all tenders are given equal and fair consideration and should be read carefully to ensure tenders include all the information required.

Tenders will be evaluated solely on the information supplied in response to this invitation to tender. The tender documents submitted to T-T Pumps Ltd must be in the format of a completed questionnaire (see link above), which may be supported by additional documentation if required.

Tender award criteria

The evaluation will be conducted on the basis of:

  • Price - 40% - Demonstration of value for money

  • Quality - 60% - Clear understanding of the nature of the project, demonstrated through relevant experience and examples of previous work

Submission requirements

Tenders comprised of completed questionnaires and any supporting documentation should be returned to the Marketing Team Leader, Rebecca Jones via email

Tenders must arrive no later than the deadline of 14:00hrs on Friday 25th May 2018. We cannot consider tenders received after the deadline.


All queries should be submitted to the Marketing team leader, Rebecca Jones.

Terms and Conditions

Tenderers are required to keep tenders valid for acceptance for up to a period of 60 days from the date of the tender.

The issue of this Invitation to Tender in no way commits Big Society Capital to award any contract to any tenderers.

Big Society Capital reserves the right to amend or cancel the tender process at any time.

Tenderers are solely responsible for their costs and expenses in connection with the preparation and submission of responses to this Invitation to Tender and the consequent selection and evaluation processes.
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