Why Choose a BBA Approved Product?

The Planet® Range from our T-T Pumping Stations division are BBA-approved pumping stations. BBA stands for British Board of Agrément and sets the bar for safety, quality, and reliability within the construction industry.  This gives you the reassurance that our products are of a high standard and have been assessed, tested and approved by one of the UK’s leading notified bodies. Our Packaged Pumping Stations have been certified by the BBA to demonstrate that they are a product of high standards. 

  • Select with confidence - Pump chambers are well-engineered and manufactured. They have passed rigorous and detailed testing, site inspections, and factory production control assessment by the British Board of Agrément to achieve certification approval.
  • The Planet® Range is designed for use in domestic, commercial, or industrial schemes.
  • Smooth internal walls aid the hygienic disposal of effluents, to avoid smells and septicity.
  • Factory-built quality proving simplified installation - Package pumping stations come complete with pipework pre-assembled in the chamber. This makes them ready for installation into the ground, after which the pumps and control equipment are added.
  • All Package Pumping Stations are supplied with controls for fully automatic operation and a high-level alarm indicator. Pumps are available with an integral float switch on request.
  • Units can be adapted to suit individual requirements at the manufacturing stage.
  • Packages are available on short lead times to fit in with tight construction schedules.
  • Fully recyclable, reducing environmental impact.

T-T's Planet® Range of Package Pumping Stations obtained BBA (British Board Agrément) accreditation back in 2006. This accreditation in conjunction with our in-house manufacturing process offers you arguably the most robust, reliable products of their kind on the market today.

With over 7000+ units sold worldwide, since BBA accreditation T-T have not had a single recorded pumping station structural failure.

With risk management being one of the top priorities on the construction agenda, you can be assured of a product that is truly proven as fit for purpose by choosing T-T's Planet® Range Package Pumping Stations.

T-T maintains Professional Indemnity Insurance to a value of £5 million a key factor for consideration when choosing a supplier of a key integral product for use within your project. For all of your pumping station needs with a focus on both quality and reliability, contact the experts...


The below points outline the key factors that were assessed on approval of our packaged pumping stations and a summary of the report outcome:
Strength - the chambers have adequate strength to resist damage from minor impacts during handling and hydrostatic pressure due to wet concrete during installation (see section 6 of the certificate).
Resistance to chemicals - the chambers and components will be unaffected by chemicals likely to be found in the specified effluent (see section 7 of the certificate).
Watertightness - the chambers, when correctly installed in accordance with the Certificate holder’s instructions, will not allow seepage either into or from the surrounding soil (see section 8 of the certificate).
Durability - the chambers are made from durable materials and with adequate maintenance will continue to be serviceable for the design life of the drainage system (see section 10 of the certificate).


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