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Anti-Flood Valve

The Floaway is a simple yet effective backflow prevention valve for use within both domestic and commercial applications to prevent reverse flow of sewage and wastewater from the drainage network. The Floaway is an inline self-acting device with a manual lockable door. The design of the valve incorporates smooth walls with rounded corners to prevent solids accumulating and to avoid septic odour.


  • Low lying areas susceptible to flooding
  • Protection from undersized sewers at high flowrates
  • Pumping stations
  • Rodent ingress reduction


  • European Standard EN13564-1:2002
  • Conforms to Building Regulation Part H1 Section 2.8 - 2.12
  • Maual lockable door
  • Lightweight and robust PVC body
  • Stainless steel internal flap
  • Large inspection cover
  • Easy installation

* Larger sizes available on request

ET110VA/ABS110NRV1.9110mm 120.00
ET160VA/ABS160NRV1.9160mm 140.00
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