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Check Valves (Non Return Valves)

With over 35 years of innovative valve design experience, our check valves (also known as non-return valves) feature lightweight and robust construction for long and reliable operations. Our range of automatic check valves is suitable for use in potable, clean and wastewater applications; with swing, wafer, axial, ball, non-slam recoil and backflow preventer designs available.

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What is a check valve?

A check valve, also known as a non-return valve, is a one-way valve that prevents backflow in a system, protecting pipes, pumps and other components. They have a vertically hinged disc that is opened by the force of flow in one direction and shuts when this flow reverses.

Check Valve FAQs

What are the different types of check valves?
What is the difference between a spring check valve and a swing check valve?
Can a swing check valve be installed vertically?
What is the swing check valve operating pressure?
What is better, swing check valves or ball check valves?

Case Studies

T-T Flap Valves for £5Million Matlock Flood Defense

After intense storms in 2022, Matlock in Derbyshire experienced severe flooding from the river Derwent.

In order to prevent this from happening again a £5million flood defense scheme was initiated to protect over 50 homes situated on the river bank, with essential non-return valves supplied by T-T Flow.

Challenging Legacy Check Valve Replacement by T-T Flow

Replacing legacy valves requires careful analysis of existing infrastructure as well as a comprehensive knowledge of existing products.

Thankfully for a UK water provider, the T-T Flow team were on hand to fabricate the perfect check valve replacement for their clean water pumping station.

Rapid Supply of Essential Check Valves

Preventing reverse flow is a crucial aspect of most waterworks applications in order to protect water supplies, pipelines and pumps alike.

For a client in urgent need of a reliable reverse flow prevention solution, our experts were able to pick from a large on-site stock of products to provide a fast turnaround on a set of duckbill check valves.