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Pumping Stations

Our pumping stations offer the full package from concept, selection, design, supply, installation, and commissioning. We go further and offer a complete pumping station after sales service for your peace of mind. 

We can supply pumping stations for any application, from domestic pumping stations to commercial, and our experts can help you ensure you get the right station for your needs. Our range includes:

We also have experience working on major infrastructure projects, transport systems, environmental sites and with the major house-builders and developers. We’re one of the leading providers for pumping systems for effluents and drainage in the UK and beyond.


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About Pumping Stations

Pumping Stations are used when there are no natural/gravitational means of transferring waste or nuisance water away from a development or application. A pumping station incorporates a collection chamber to hold liquid, and via integral pumps, the liquid is lifted under pressure to a separate receiving location (sewer network/treatment system) after which gravity flows take over.

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Common Questions 

Do I need a pumping station?

There are a number of reasons why you might need a pumping station:

  • A pumping station is needed when gravity cannot transport sewerage to the nearest sewer system.
  • When the cost of installing a gravity sewage system outweighs that of a pumping station
  • When the sewer system passes over a ridge and gravity can not transport the media.

What type of pumping station do I need?

The type of pumping station required is determined by the location of the pump station and the inflow required, plus the results of the application and subsequent requirements via the water authority when obtaining permission to discharge into the sewage network.

  • If a pumping station is located on your land, then it would fall under your ownership. This would be a private pumping station.
  • If the pumping station is on public land then this would suggest an adoptable pumping station is required.

What is a package pumping station?

A package pump station is a complete unit comprising of a chamber, pumps, pipework, valves, control panel and level control pre-assembled as a complete unit. A package pumping station is primarily used in the private sector and commonly isn’t adopted by the water authority. Package pumping stations come in varying sizes to suit the requirements of the flow and application.

What is an adoptable pumping station?

Adoptable pumping stations, once installed and commissioned, become the property of the local Water Authority. They are typically much larger in construction than a package pumping station and serve a much larger development hence they become parts of the sewerage network which is adopted by the authority for the entire site. Adoptable pumping stations have to comply with the sewers for adoption latest edition regulations.

What is the difference between a package pumping station and an adoptable pumping station?

A package pumping station, alternatively known as a domestic sewage pumping station or a private pumping station being factory built is used for smaller, privately run developments where the client requires a quick, economic pumping solution available on a short lead time. An adoptable pumping station operates similarly to a package pumping station yet contains far more features in line with the requirements of Sewers for Adoption Latest Edition specification and the water authority (advanced telemetry etc.) for ultimate adoption via the water authority.

Do I need planning permission for a domestic pumping station

No, but any connection to the public sewer may need consent from the local water company.

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