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New Pumping Station for Isle of Sheppey

Working closely with the contractor to a detailed specification, T-T Pumps constructed a new pumping station on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent. The work was carefully scheduled in order to minimise any downtime between the decommissioning of the old pumping station and the new one coming online.

The Problem

Located on previously developed land between Queenborough and Rushenden on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent, the Twyford Pumping station is a facility operated by the Lower Medway Internal Drainage Board (LMIDB), a local public authority who manage water levels and flood risk in areas of special drainage need across the region.

When the existing facility was no longer fit for purpose, there was a requirement for a new pumping station to be constructed on the site, working closely with the client to ensure it met detailed specification requirements. The works were undertaken on behalf of UKDN Waterflow (LG), a Lanes Group Company.

The Solution

The new pumping station complex has an associated rising and gravity main discharged through an existing Environment Agency earth flood embankment to the Swale Estuary.

The Twyford Pumping Station discharges into The Swale via two minimum 200 l/s duty pumps and a third 200 l/s standby, offering more than a 50% improvement on the existing Lower Medway Internal Drainage Board (LMIDB) two 120 l/s pumps (duty/assist, total 240 l/s).

The scheme consisted of 3 x ZUG OC250C 30/4 ADR285EX submersible pumps 250mm nb rated at 30kw, 300mm nb pipework and valves tapering up to 400mm nb individual pumping mains, terminating with a headwall into the Medway Estuary.

Also included is an ultrasonic level control system with motor control panel mounted in a GRP kiosk positioned above known flood level. The system is fitted with our SEER Monitoring Unit which is being monitored by T-T Controls control room.

The works were sequenced so that the majority of the pumping station was constructed whilst the existing station remained online, thereby minimising the time between decommissioning and the new pumping station coming online.

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