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  1. WRAS approved custom check valve with isolating gate valve.

    Bespoke Replacement for Legacy Check Valves

    As valve design evolves there are more and more sites needing replacements for old and obsolete models, requiring manufacturers to work closely with on-site engineers to find effective replacements or...

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  2. Peninsula Hotel in Kowloon, Hong Kong

    Custom Inline Basket Strainers for Peninsula Hotel

    The Peninsula Hong Kong, in Kowloon, is the flagship property of the Peninsula Hotels group – a luxury hotel chain that first opened its doors in 1928. Boasting a five-star rating, several ...

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  3. Seer Advanced installed in control panel kiosk.

    Seer Monitoring Keeps Energy Costs Low

    Some issues within a system, such as a pumping station, may not cause immediate problems in terms of breakdowns or environmental damage. However, they can have consequences such as inefficient ...

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  4. Large swing check valves with dampeners for Hong Kong.

    Damped Check Valves for Hong Kong Drainage Department

    Our commitment to providing market-leading products secured our valve division, T-T Flow, an order for four large custom valves to Hong Kong; a region where we have an established installation base ...

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  5. Three bespoke control panels with 44 Variable Speed Drives.

    Bespoke Control Panels for Materials Handling Automation

    When solutions are needed fast, The T-T Controls team have the expertise and facilities to accommodate clients with tight schedules and specialised requirements. The Problem A local material ...

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  6. Black, flanged duckbill check valves.

    Rapid Supply of Essential Check Valves

    The Problem Construction projects where backflow prevention is concerned – such as drainage systems, stormwater management, wastewater treatment plants and outfall applications – are ...

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  7. Control panel wiring.

    Pump Station S.O.S – Out of Hours Support

    Installing and maintaining a private pumping station can be a daunting task for those without prior experience in managing household waste, especially with owners of lift stations holding both ...

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  8. A HBC Biocell, separated slurry solids and cows in a cattle shed.

    Turning Farm Slurry into a Hygienic Bedding Alternative

    Environmental considerations are now at the forefront of slurry storage and distribution - what can be done to reduce the environmental impact of farm slurry and how will it affect a farmer's bottom ...

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  9. Photo of Ascension Island, showing green mountains and blue water.

    Delivering Customer Excellence - from the UK to the South Atlantic

    Earlier this year T-T Pumps received an order to be delivered below the equator to Ascension Island. This volcanic island is located in the South Atlantic Ocean as a British overseas territory. A ...

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  10. Bespoke control panel green kiosk on right and inside of kiosk and interior control system on left.

    Cost Effective, Bespoke Pumping Station Control System

    Adoptable pumping stations are a waste management solution that allows site developers to pass operational responsibility of the station and control panel to a local water authority once their project...

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  11. Two orange ETO chopper pumps from Cri-Man in T-T's Repairs Workshop.

    T-T Repairs Workshop – Cri-Man Approved Pump Servicing

    Scheduled maintenance and servicing of any pump is crucial to the long-term reliability of the equipment, maintaining energy efficiency, ensuring high-quality pumping results and protecting your site ...

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  12. Photo of kiosk and cover of newly installed pumping station.

    T-T & Blockfree – Emergency Pumping Station Upgrade

    T-T Pumps knows the benefits of working with trusted industry partners to complete projects, coming together with Blockfree Services once more to assist a care home that was experiencing increasing ...

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