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Bespoke Replacement for Legacy Check Valves

WRAS approved custom check valve with isolating gate valve.

As valve design evolves there are more and more sites needing replacements for old and obsolete models, requiring manufacturers to work closely with on-site engineers to find effective replacements or fabricate bespoke solutions.

The Problem 

While refurbishing a Water Treatment Works under Southern Water (treating over 62 million litres of water per day), contractors discovered an obsolete valve that they struggled to identify and replace. An off-the-shelf solution was an option for the replacement; however, the site would have needed to undergo costly pipework modification in order to accommodate the new valve.

The Solution 

The T-T Flow team worked closely with the site’s engineers to determine the valve's primary function and its necessary critical dimensions. This information was then relayed to our engineers, who specified a custom DN150 swing check valve with imperial BS10-D flanges.

As the only UK manufacturer of WRAS approved swing check valves from DN50 to DN600, our team were uniquely qualified to provide a bespoke valve that met the requirements of both the site and Water UK’s Sewers for Adoption guidance. The swing check valve was constructed from ductile iron for its excellent low-weight and high-strength profile, with a stainless-steel shaft and fusion bonded epoxy coating for maximum durability in the pumped medium.


Utilising the latest 3D Solidworks and finite element analysis software, our experts designed a custom inspection cover constructed from acid-resistant stainless steel. The bespoke inspection cover included provisions for connecting an isolating gate valve with quick coupling, allowing for overpumping at the water treatment works.

Custom pipeblocks were also manufactured, ensuring the non-standard face-to-face requirements of the valve and pipework were achieved, negating any requirements for costly modifications that would require extended site system downtime.

Prior to being despatched, the complete valve assembly was hydrostatically tested on-site at T-T HQ – ensuring joint integrity and that there will be no media released to the surrounding environment.

Bespoke check valve with integrated isolating gate valve and handwheel actuation.Bespoke check valve with integrated isolating gate valve and handwheel actuation.

Custom Valve Manufacturers 

Thanks to our team’s wealth of industry knowledge, engineering skills and on-site manufacturing facilities, T-T Flow successfully replaced the Water Treatment Work’s obsolete valve, all while minimising downtime and unnecessary additional costs.

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