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Our History

In 1959 T-T began as Vanroy, founded on March 17th as a general engineering company in Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent.

In 1970 Vanroy branched out into the pump market and began distributing for Thrige Titan, a Danish electronics company founded back in 1894.

In 1978 Thrige Titan bought out Vanroy, who consisted of of 43 team members at the time.

In 1979 Vanroy won their biggest project to date – the Lindsay coast scheme for Anglian water and the Teign estuary scheme, two large-scale sewerage system upgrades with a combined total worth of £50 million. Multiple pumping stations were supplied to replace old equipment that couldn't manage the growing population. 

In 1983 we began to design and manufacture control systems, allowing for continued and steady growth in the water management supply chain.

In 1984 Vanroy rebranded and became T-T!

The team noticed a valve-shaped gap in the market and decided to fill it by designing and manufacturing valves of their own, and in 1987 Aqua Flow was born.

In 1988 we expanded our divisions further establishing a dedicated controls division, T-T Controls.

New management, new focus...

In 1989 the business was acquired by the current active owners, returning T-T to full British ownership.

This marked a significant turning point for the brand as the team began focusing on supplying quality pumps, pumping stations, control panels and electrical monitoring systems.

In 1990 Pumping Station Contracts rebranded to T-T Projects, consolidating their pumping station services under the trusted T-T name and offering customers a more unified approach to their schemes. The division was later rebranded at T-T Pumping Stations.

In 1991 T-T became the sole UK distributor for Italian manufacturer Zenit, a proud partnership that we still hold to this date.

T-T began working with the London underground in 1993 – initially supplying control panels and going on to provide and install pumps.

In 1994 we expanded our manufacturing efforts with the design and production of our new E-Flow range of sewage pumps.

With 25 employees and a turnover of £1.2 million, in 1998 it was time to expand. We moved to our current location in Woore, South Cheshire; a 6.5-acre site with 11,000 sq. feet of works and warehouse space.

T-T’s long-standing Planet Range of package pumping stations was also launched this year.

In 2004 Aqua Flow merged with T-T and was rebranded as T-T Flow. Allowing us to offer a more comprehensive range of water management products and services to our customers.

T-T also became the sole UK distributor for Cri-Man products, allowing us to provide cutting-edge pumping and agricultural solutions.

In 2006 our Planet Range of package pumping stations received BBA accreditation. The range's accreditation has been renewed ever since, without a single failed tank out of the 8000+ sold.

In 2009 we reached an incredible milestone as they celebrated their 50th anniversary. To mark the occasion, we gave back to the environment by planting trees to show our commitment to sustainability and help preserve our planet for future generations.

That same year, T-T Service was formed - a division dedicated to providing expert pump maintenance and repair services.

We invested in a brand-new service and repair centre workshop in 2011, complete with a 3-tonne lifting crane and full test facilities separate from the clean water amenities.

We also appeared on Grand Designs, providing a unique package pumping station for the conversion of the Tenby Lifeboat station.

In response to growing demands for agricultural products, we established T-T Environmental and Agricultural in 2012, expanding our product offerings to meet the needs of our customers in this sector. The division was later rebranded as T-T Agricultural and Environmental.

T-T was also supplied a top-of-the-line booster set for the Olympic hockey pitch at the London 2012 Olympics.

T-T went to Glastonbury where a T-T booster set was installed at the 2013 Glastonbury festival, cooling and cleaning the solar panels that help to power the yearly music event.

In 2014 following the success of our booster sets we launched the Hidro Boost, an innovative clean water pressurising set. The Hidro Boost quickly proved its worth in agricultural, domestic, and commercial settings.

We expanded the Planet Range in 2021 to include the Pluto range. These small but powerful package pumping stations were designed to transform small-scale, domestic pumping solutions.

2022 saw the erection of a brand-new storage shed at T-T HQ to house our vast stock of parts and spares.

That same year, we added another quality product to our belt with the launch of the Penstock Isolation Valve.

In 2023 we significantly enhanced the safety of our clean water testing facilities with the installation of a bespoke, stainless steel test rig for booster sets, pumps and valves.

2024 marked 10 years of continued WRAS approval for our Swing Check Valves