Our History

T-T was founded way back in 1959 as a general engineering company in Stoke-on-Trent. In 1970 we began manufacturing and supplying pumps and a decade later we expanded into electrical control panel production.

After a management buy-out in 1989, the new management team decided to focus on supplying pumps and pumping stations, together with control panels and electrical monitoring systems.  We have now expanded our product range even further to waterworks valves and related environmental equipment to provide you with a one-stop shop.

In late 1998 we packed our bags and moved 10 miles down the road from Stoke-On-Trent to the small village of Woore. This rural location sits on the edge of three counties, Cheshire, Shropshire and Staffordshire. It has provided plenty of space for the company to grow and excellent access to the motorway so that we can get our goods to you as quickly as possible.

In 2011 we invested in a brand-new service and repair centre. The workshop is complete with a 3-tonne lifting crane and full test facilities which are segregated away from our clean water amenities.

Our Passion

We are passionate about providing long-term results that can last a lifetime. We don’t just look for a quick fix, we focus on quality. This allows us to provide products that won’t need replacing a few months down the line and with our ongoing service agreements we can ensure that your pumping system is always running as efficiently as possible.

The heritage T-T holds has allowed us to develop the knowledge and skills we need to meet your specific requirements, whether that be through a same-day dispatch pump or a bespoke pumping solution. Our ability to design, supply and install pumps using resources from a single source has made us one of the most flexible and responsive companies within this industry, in the UK today.

Bob Nash, Managing Director:

“Over the last 60 plus years T-T has built up a profitable business that has an impressive portfolio of products and services.  During the years the company and its staff have gained a considerable amount of skills and experience, dealing with difficult media like effluents in environmentally sensitive applications and now T-T find they are very much in tune with the high standard demanded by clients and current environmental issues."