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T-T Pumps are the only UK partner for Zenit Pumps, a proud partnership spanning 32 years and counting. Established in 1959 Zenit Pumps are Italian manufacturers of wastewater pumping and treatment technology.

They innovate, design and construct electric submersible sewage and drainage pumps for residential, industrial, water supply processes and agriculture – including aeration products for wastewater treatment. T-T Pumps are proud to be one of the UK's leading Zenit pump distributors, offering a wide range of Zenit sewage pumps, Zenit submersible pumps and Zenit water pumps.

Shop the wide range of Zenit pumps below including; Zenit DGX stainless steel electric submersible pumps, Zenit Grey Series electric submersible pumps, Zenit bluePRO Series electric submersible pumps and Zenit blueBOX lifting stations.

Along with our vast stockholding, we also have the following Zenit pumps available on request: Zenit GRS Range, Zenit APS Range, Zenit APE Range, Zenit DGE Range, Zenit DRE Range, Zenit GRE Range, Zenit DRF Range, and the Zenit SME Range. If you can't find the pump you're looking for or you have any questions, speak to the experts at +44 (0) 1630 647200 or email response@ttpumps.com

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  1. DR Steel stainless steel drainage pump 3D render, a grey pump with a grey level control float switch attached.

    From Zenit's Steel Series of electric submersible pumps, DR Steel is compact and durable - ideal for pumping slightly soiled wastewater and domestic applications.

  2. A silver DG Steel stainless steel sewage pump with a blue level control float switch attached.

    The DG Steel, from Zenit's Steel Series of electric submersible pumps, features a vortex impeller and large free passage for reliable pumping of suspended solids.

  3. A bright blue submersible sewage pump with a blue level control float switch attached.

    A suction strainer and open impeller make Zenit's DR bluePRO perfect for pumping clear or slightly soiled wastewaters.

  4. A dark blue Zenit DG Blue Professional Pump, with a dark blue level control float switch attached.

    The DG Blue features full free passage and a cast-iron impeller for high-quality performance in heavy-duty applications.

  5. A bright blue Zenit submersible pump with a blue float switch attached.

    The three-blade grinding system on Zenit's GR Blue Professional mean it can reliably pump heavy-duty and fibrous fluids.

  6. A bright blue submersible sewage pump from Zenit with a blue float switch attached.

    The AP Blue Professional is designed to provide a high manometric head - ideal for water feature and fountain pumping.

  7. A black Zenit DRO range submersible drainage pump, with a silver handle on the top and a silver mesh screen around the bottom to filter debris.

    Zenit's DRO Range of electric submersible feature a durable stainless steel strainer for long-term clearwater pumping.

  8. A black Zenit submersible sewage pump with a silver handle, photo taken from a higher angle.

    The DGO range from Zenit offers reliable pumping of wastewaters with heavy solids with full free passage and cast iron impeller.

  9. A small bronze submersible drainage pump from Zenit.

    From Zenit's Special Alloy Series of electric submersible pumps, the DRB is designed for chemical, fish processing and shipping industries.

  10. A silver Zenit DGX sewage pump, made from stainless steel.

    The DGX is part of Zenit's Special Alloy Series, constructed from stainless steel for corrosion resistance in chemically aggressive applications.

  11. A large silver drainage pump constructed from stainless steel, manufactured by Zenit.

    Zenit's DRY is a large stainless steel electric pump from their Special Alloy Series - with large free passage and corrosion resistance.

29 Items found

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A third party supplied six high-quality Zenit Electric Submersible Drainage Pumps, which were used as part of the stand drainage system at the world-famous Oval Cricket Ground in London. Renowned for its distinctive shape, the iconic Kennington venue has over the years played host to many of cricket’s most memorable moments, including the first-ever Test on English soil in 1880.

Unfortunately, the client experienced an issue with the pumps not stopping or starting properly, which was something that needed to be resolved as soon as possible. As the sole UK partner for Zenit, T-T Pumps were entrusted to advise the client and provide a robust solution to ensure the correct functioning of the pumps over the long term...