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Ready Sump - Precast Concrete Sump

Concrete sumps are structures at the bottom of pumping station chambers that collect fluid and waste before it is pumped away. They are used in both private and adoptable pumping stations and are often designed to direct the flow of fluid towards the installed pumps.

The Ready Sump® is a precast concrete sump that incorporates the features required for building adoptable sewage, drainage and effluent pumping stations.

This pre-benched concrete unit is constructed off-site, allowing for the rapid, simple and safe installation of benching for successful pumping station adoption.

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Product Information

Ready Sump - Precast Concrete Sump

All pumping stations – both private and adoptable – were traditionally constructed from concrete rings, fitted with pipework and valve assemblies as part of this process.

This method is challenging to get right – requiring construction of the base benching by hand with someone working very deep within the chamber, posing a health and safety risk.

Package pump stations are the contemporary solution for private stations, providing a sped-up and simplified installation process with all construction completed off-site. However, they are not suitable for adoptable package pumping stations where the final design is specific to each individual site and water authority, with the vast majority still needing to be constructed from concrete in order to achieve adoption.


  • Smooth and clean design
  • Superior hydraulic performance
  • Available on short lead times


  • Adoptable pumping stations
  • Private pumping stations
  • Draining pumping stations


  • Reduces construction time with rapid installation
  • Reduces on-site health and safety risks


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