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Chopper Pumps

We offer a range of agricultural chopper pumps that can effectively transfer liquids containing solids and fibrous materials thanks to their robust design. Our slurry transfer pumps feature heavy-duty construction materials and chopping systems that provide reliable high-capacity pumping for a range of applications, including agricultural waste, biogas, food processing, sewage, slurry and wastewater treatment plants.

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What is a slurry transfer pump?

Slurry transfer pumps, also known as chopper pumps, are submersible centrifugal pumps fitted with cutting systems in the inlet that reduce the size of solids in a liquid before it is pumped.

Slurry pumps are widely used to transfer slurry-liquids with solid particles. Slurry pumps are also known as progressive cavity pumps. These pumps are widely used in various industries like mining, oil & gas, pharma, food & beverages, chemicals, paint, etc. These low-maintenance pumps are ideal for handling both smooth and rough fluids such as oil, paint, and mud, etc. These pumps have extremely low life cycle costs.

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New Slurry Transfer Pumps for Agricultural Waste Management

A farmer came to T-T experiencing issues with their current slurry management system, reporting consistent pump failures that were expensive and required extended downtime to complete.

Our experts specified three new slurry transfer pumps, featuring chopping systems and corrosion-resistant construction materials for reliable pumping of liquids containing suspended solids.