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Umbilical Pumps

The Cri-Man Slurry pumps are true market leaders for farm effluent and industrial processing. The heavy-duty chopping system is designed to handle substantial fibre present within the slurry and heavy liquids. Providing high flow rates and spreading pressure, it has been the pump of choice for demanding agricultural applications worldwide.

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2 Items found

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Umbilical Pumps

There is a choice of models:

PTD and PTO Series - Centrifugal Horizontal Chopper Pumps 

The Cri-man PTD/PTO series is a range of horizontal centrifugal chopper pumps suitable for pumping slurry and particularly heavy-duty applications. The PTD/PTO range of pumps is designed to be coupled directly to an engine's flywheel. 

Both slurry pumps are equipped with a double chopping system in the suction and a multi-vane impeller. Ideal for industrial and fixed agricultural systems where the main application includes systems with self-propelled sprinklers, marked height differences and long pipes.


PTH Series - Tractor Driven Umbilical  Pump

PTH High-Pressure Slurry Pump is a tractor driven pump and used for the umbilical spreading of farm slurry. This high-pressure centrifugal chopper pump is suited for any particularly heavy-duty applications where fibre/debris is present within the liquid.

Using a tractor coupled pump with an umbilical hose arrangement is the most cost-efficient way of distributing slurry per cubic meter. The main benefit of this method is that it is less ground pressure compared to using a tanker. This means that even during bad weather, it allows access onto the fields, which would usually be unreachable.

There are many different products through various brands on the market, which can make deciding which one is right for you more difficult. From a return on investment point of view, the PTS high-pressure slurry pump is one of the best value on the market. Manufactured from high-grade chromium cast iron, they are robust and hardwearing, and you can also fully service them. The wearing parts and components are available and stocked. It is also fuel-efficient without any drop in performance, which means running costs are lower than other brands. 

Due to the high-grade chromium cast iron, they give superior protection against aggressive and corrosive liquids. The complete chopping system also manufactured from the same material with carbon steel stationary blades will be suitable for any agricultural application.

The PTH range has continually improved through research and development, so it has the latest technology and innovations. These changes have improved the gearbox's performance, which has made this slurry pump range a real game-changer in the industry and increased the torque capabilities.

For long-distance pumping, the PTH range of slurry pumps is noted for performance, productivity, and dependability. For further information, view our latest article on high-performing and efficient farm slurry spreading.

All the products are fully repairable with full aftersales support and spares available from T-T Pumps