Drainage Pumps

Keep drainage waters under control to avoid flooding, look no further than the T-T Pumps range of drainage. T-T drainage pumps are of a rugged design to deal with the challenges of drainage waters. Applications go from domestic, industrial, and agricultural. quarries, mines, sewage works, treatment works and general water extraction for dealing with nuisance water or transferring liquids which may contain particles or silts.

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  1. A bright blue submersible sewage pump with a blue level control float switch attached.

    A suction strainer and open impeller make Zenit's DR bluePRO perfect for pumping clear or slightly soiled wastewaters.

  2. A black Zenit DRO range submersible drainage pump, with a silver handle on the top and a silver mesh screen around the bottom to filter debris.

    Zenit's DRO Range of electric submersible feature a durable stainless steel strainer for long-term clearwater pumping.

  3. A small bronze submersible drainage pump from Zenit.

    From Zenit's Special Alloy Series of electric submersible pumps, the DRB is designed for chemical, fish processing and shipping industries.

  4. A light grey DRG Submersible Electric Drainage pump for Lifting Stations manufactured by Zenit.

    From Zenit's Grey Series of submersible electric pumps, the DRG allows for free passage of large solids and redesigned hydraulics for outstanding drainage performance.

  5. A large silver drainage pump constructed from stainless steel, manufactured by Zenit.

    Zenit's DRY is a large stainless steel electric pump from their Special Alloy Series - with large free passage and corrosion resistance.

  6. A bright blue submersible sewage pump from Zenit with a blue float switch attached.

    The AP Blue Professional is designed to provide a high manometric head - ideal for water feature and fountain pumping.

  7. A light grey submersible pump from Zenit.

    The Grey Series APG Range of submersible electric pumps from Zenit boast a high manometric head, able to overcome significant height or resistance factors in clearwater environments.

  8. A small and dark grey drainage pump made from stainless steel, manufactured by Zenit.

    From their Special Alloy Series, Zenit's DRX Stainless Steel submersible pump is perfect for installation in corrosive, aggressive and chemical applications.

8 Items found

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