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Drainage Pumps

T-T drainage pumps are of a rugged design to deal with the challenges of drainage waters.

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  1. DR Blue Professional Submersible Pump for slightly soiled wastewater

    DR Blue Professional

    Starting from £357.00

  2. DRO drainage pump

    DRO Range

    Starting from £504.00

  3. DRG Submersible Electric Drainage pump for Lifting Stations

    DRG Range

    Starting from £1,680.00

  4. DRY large stainless steel drainage pump

    DRY Range

    Starting from £8,085.00

  5. AP Blue Professional

    AP Blue Professional

    Starting from £630.00

8 Items found

12 24 36 All

Drainage Pumps

TT drainage pumps are suitable for almost any application when nuisance water needs removing, ideal for home use, industrial use, for agriculture, for quarries and mines, for sewage and treatment works, and for general water extraction.

Our range of submersible pumps can be used on rainwater, clean water and seepage water and for water containing small particles in suspension.

An effective and reliable solution, our highly qualified team is committed to being more than helpful throughout the entire process and beyond, whether simply buying a drainage pump or having a complete system designed and installed.

Please speak to our expert team for the optimum drainage pump selection.

Primarily designed removing dirty waters the pumps can but used on clean waters (not potable water). Using high-quality materials these pumps will tolerate the most aggressive materials found in drainage water.

Our drainage pumps are designed for efficiency and economy, as all our pumps are fully repairable which ensures you will get a long life from your pump and a good return on your investment. These submersible drainage pumps are available in a choice of high-quality materials, including cast iron, stainless steel, and bronze.