Control Systems

 We manufacture all our standard control panels on-site and put them through rigorous testing to ensure they meet the highest standards. 

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5 Items found

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Control Systems

Pump control panels are the interface used to control or monitor pumps. Users interact with the control unit of the pump system by means of buttons or switches and are informed of the operational status via indicator lamps or displays showing when the system is running and advising of any fault conditions. 

Our Control Panels 

The dedication and expertise of our engineers have enabled us to create a range of reliable and economical control panels.

Our panels come ready for installation; you can also buy kiosks to house them indoors or outdoors.

You’ll find many of our products offer handy features such as:

  • Protection against motor overload and overheating

  • Door-interlocked isolators

  • Low voltage control circuits

  • Anti-condensation heating

  • An audible warning alarm

Motor Control Panel Manufacturers

TT Controls offer a wide range of standard off-the-shelf high quality control panels, level control devices, and telemetry monitoring equipment.

As specialist electrical control panel manufacturers, we can design, manufacture and install all types of industrial motor control centres and automation products, from concept to completion.

Our in-house team, possessing vast industry expertise, will guide you through any application queries or motor control panel philosophy recommendations on bespoke projects before manufacturing any customised control panel designs.