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Sewage Pumps

TT sewage pumps are mainly electric submersible pumps although we do have surface mounted pumps for specific applications. Our pumps are designed for pumping raw sewage and are available in several hydraulic configurations to suit individual applications where applications can be challenging. All of our sewage pumps are designed for reliability and efficiency, being ruggedly built and fully repairable with an excellent life expectancy making an excellent investment.  

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19 Items found

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  1. DG Steel stainless steel sewage pump

    DG Steel

    Starting from £315.00

  2. DGO Cast Iron submersible pump

    DGO Range

    Starting from £441.00

  3. DGG Sewage Pump

    DGG Range

    Starting from £1,450.00

  4. Made In Britain
    E-Flow Submersible Sewage Pump

    E-Flow Range (EExd IIB T4)

    Starting from £4,200.00

  5. Made In Britain
    V-Flow Vortex Impeller Submersible Pump

    V-Flow Range (EExd IIB T4)

    Starting from £2,678.00

  6. GRI grinder pump

    GRI Grinder Range

    Starting from £1,617.00

  7. GRG Sewage Pump

    GRG Range

    Starting from £2,100.00

  8. TT305 / TT505 / TT510 submersible sewage pump


    Starting from £1,386.00

  9. TT1008 / TT1409 submersible sewage pump


    Starting from £3,255.00

19 Items found

12 24 36 All

Sewage Pumps

We offer channel impeller pumps for normal effluents, vortex pumps for more challenging applications where household wipes and fibrous materials are encountered, grinder pumps for smaller bore rising mains with high heads, though to our chopper range for the really challenging conditions with higher volumes where the media contains a high degree of fibrous materials.


Sizes of discharge range from 50mm to 500mm with motor sizes starting at 0.75kW to 200kw.


TT Pumps has been involved with providing pumping systems for over 60 years where sewage and effluent pumping have become a specialist field and to choose the pumps for the optimum effectiveness, we would always recommend that your pump(s) are expertly selected.

Environmental responsibility gives even more importance to making sure that your effluent pumping system meets the current requirements and that the risk of pollution is fully minimised.

Long term a good selection will ensure that you get a good investment and reliability while ensuring long life and economy.

Please contact our Expert Engineers for the best pump selection.