Sewage Pumps

T-T sewage pumps are mainly electric submersible pumps although we do have surface-mounted pumps for specific applications. Our pumps are designed for pumping raw sewage and are available in several hydraulic configurations to suit individual applications where applications can be challenging. All of our sewage pumps are designed for reliability and efficiency, being ruggedly built and fully repairable with an excellent life expectancy making an excellent investment.  

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  1. Zenit UNIQA Range - Professional wastewater pumps

    The UNIQA Series of electric submersible pumps from Zenit are designed for heavy-duty industrial and wastewater treatment applications.

  2. ST-R Range

    STR Range Trash Pumps

    Starting from Contact Sales

  3. A black GRF ATEX submersible sewage pump from Zenit, with a yellow pipe attached to the back.

    Zenit's GRF Range of submersible grinder pumps are ATEX-certified and constructed in cast iron for safe and reliable installation in heavy-duty and Zone 0 applications.

  4. A silver DG Steel stainless steel sewage pump with a blue level control float switch attached.

    The DG Steel, from Zenit's Steel Series of electric submersible pumps, features a vortex impeller and large free passage for reliable pumping of suspended solids.

  5. A dark blue Zenit DG Blue Professional Pump, with a dark blue level control float switch attached.

    The DG Blue features full free passage and a cast-iron impeller for high-quality performance in heavy-duty applications.

  6. A black Zenit submersible sewage pump with a silver handle, photo taken from a higher angle.

    The DGO range from Zenit offers reliable pumping of wastewaters with heavy solids with full free passage and cast iron impeller.

  7. A silver Zenit DGX sewage pump, made from stainless steel.

    The DGX is part of Zenit's Special Alloy Series, constructed from stainless steel for corrosion resistance in chemically aggressive applications.

  8. A light grey pump from Zenit's DGG Grey Range of sewage pumps.

    The Zenit DGG Range, form their Grey Series, includes full free passage - making it ideal for installation in applications from industrial lifting to livestock farming, where fibrous materials are present.

  9. Made In Britain
    Image for V-Flow Submersible Range (EExd IIB T4)

    V-Flow Range (EExd IIB T4)

    Starting from £2,978.00

  10. Made In Britain
    Image for E-Flow Submersible Range (EExd IIB T4)

    E-Flow Range (EExd IIB T4)

    Starting from £4,500.00

10 Items found

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