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Pressure Control Valves & Float Valves

Our high-quality control valves are made from stainless steel and ductile iron, suitable for potable water, oil, air and fluids up to 60°C.

Our pressure reducing valves and pressure relief valves are designed to prevent pressure surges and water hammer, protecting pipelines, pumps and other critical components from damage.

Our float valves, also known as level control valves, provide automatic liquid level control for tanks, reservoirs and other vessels, ensuring optimal fluid management in a variety of applications.

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  1. WRAS Approved
    Pressure reducing valve

    Pressure Reducing Valve

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  2. Pressure relief valve with flanged outlet.

    Fast Acting Relief Valve

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What is a pressure control valve?

A pressure control or pressure relief valve prevents system pressure from exceeding a pre-set value. This protects pipes, valves, pumps and other components from damaging overpressure events such as pressure surges and water hammer, and maintains a consistent pressure rating to ensure hydraulic efficiency for increased system performance and reliability. 

What is a float valve?

Float valves, also known as level control valves, are used for automatic level control within tanks, cisterns, reservoirs and other vessels.

Pressure Control Valve & Float Valve FAQs

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Case Studies

Fast-Acting Relief Valves to UK First Sludge Treatment Facility

T-T Flow supplied essential pressure relief valves as part of a UK first sludge treatment centre retrofit in Greater Manchester.

The facility was upgraded with a new biogas production technology that increased green energy output and needed fast-acting relief valves for critical pressure management.

Fast-acting relief valves.Fast-acting relief valves.

Specialist Valve Package for the Birmingham Resilience Project

As part of the Birmingham Resilience Project, Severn Trent Water’s largest project to date, T-T Flow supplied multiple metal seat gate valves and pressure reducing valves for effective flow control.

The £300 million scheme will ensure Birmingham has a back-up drinking water supply during maintenance works to the Elan Valley Aqueduct which has fed the city for over 100 years.

Birmingham city skyline.Birmingham city skyline.