About T-T

T-T is your one-stop shop for everything needed to master water management challenges. We specialise in not only off-the-shelf pumps, valves and controls but also bespoke pumping solutions, specialist valves that are tailored to meet your exact requirements and custom-made control panels for your specific application. With a dedicated technical team, constant research of water technology and the latest developments in the industry catered to, we are the company you can rely on the get the job done. We have thousands of products in our range, which gives us the capacity to meet any challenge in a wide range of industries. So whether you need a water management system for a housing estate, or a sophisticated pumping station for a water treatment plant, trust T-T to deliver a cost-effective solution that is built to last. Explore our divisions below.

Our divisions

T-T Pumps offers a comprehensive selection of pump models, covering wastewater management to clean water boosting. Continual innovation allows us to improve the efficiency and reliability of our products; benefitting both our customers and the environment. Our range comprises of pumps designed by T-T and other industry-leading manufacturers – learn more here.

T-T Flow are professionals in the design and manufacture of engineered waterworks valves and ancillary equipment, including isolation and check valves for effective pipeline isolation in water treatment and industrial applications. We are experts desigers and manufacturers of bespoke valve solutions – discover our custom manufacturing ability here.

T-T’s Agricultural & Environmental focusses on effluent treatment and anti-pollution products, specifying and supplying complete waste management systems for the agricultural sector. Mixers, choppers, slurry separators and hoses are all utilised to protect both the environment and the your bottom line. Discover our expert manufacturers here.

The dedicated technicians of T-T Pumping Stations handle from the smallest domestic to the largest commercial schemes – with experience in specifying waste management solutions for demanding and volatile applications. Taking you from the initial design to the final commissioning, our team have the knowledge and training to ensure you receive a quality pumping system.

T-T Controls & Automation have 30+ years electrical engineering experience, with a reputation for high-quality control units. Offering 24/7 monitoring solutions, custom control panels and various level and pressure control devices – our controls experts are able to supply comprehensive system management solutions for your peace of mind.

The T-T Service team provide after-sales support and long term maintenance packages for the long-term health of your equipment, covering single pumps to complete lifting stations. Our servicing and maintenance packages ensure that your system is always in optimal condition, operating efficiently and avoiding costly and environmentally damaging breakdowns.

Trusted around the world

We provide a comprehensive service to meet your delivery requirements which are both, practical and economic, worldwide delivery solutions. You can be confident that we can deal with all the documentation to ensure a trouble-free delivery.

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Our History

T-T was founded way back in 1959 as a general engineering company in Stoke-on-Trent. In 1970 we began manufacturing and supplying pumps and a decade later we expanded into electrical control panel production. After a management buy-out in 1989, the new management team decided to focus on supplying pumps and pumping stations, together with control panels and electrical monitoring systems.  We have now expanded our product range even further to waterworks valves and related environmental equipment to provide you with a one-stop shop.

Our Passion

We are passionate about providing long-term results that can last a lifetime. We don’t just look for a quick fix, we focus on quality. This allows us to provide products that won’t need replacing a few months down the line and with our ongoing pump maintenance packages we can ensure that your pumping system is always running as efficiently as possible.

The heritage T-T holds has allowed us to develop the knowledge and skills we need to meet your specific requirements, whether that be through a same-day dispatch pump or a bespoke pumping solution. Our ability to design, supply and install pumps using resources from a single source has made us one of the most flexible and responsive companies within this industry, in the UK today.

Bespoke Solutions

T-T have experience in designing bespoke pump systems, developing waterworks valves and manufacturing control systems for a range of industries. We are expertly qualified to match the right products to the right applications. Always ensuring the most effective and reliable solution, our highly qualified team is committed to being more than helpful throughout the entire process and beyond, whether simply buying a product or having a complete system designed installed, commissioned and serviced. 

Take a tour around T-T HQ

Situated on the border of counties Cheshire, Shropshire and Staffordshire, T-T is in a rural location with convenient transport access.

Bob Nash, Managing Director:

“Over the last 60-plus years T-T has built up a profitable business with an impressive product and service portfolio.  During the years the company and its staff have gained a considerable amount of skills and experience, dealing with difficult media like effluents in environmentally sensitive applications and now T-T find they are very much in tune with the high standard demanded by clients and current environmental issues."