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We provide a range of standard control panels which can be specified to customers' needs with a short delivery turnaround. Bespoke control systems are designed and manufactured to the client’s requirements, visit our Custom Controls page to learn more. Every control panel is tested to the highest standard to ensure our systems have a long operating life, backed by repairability and quality components that you can rely on.

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New Pumping Station for the Isle of Sheppey

T-T Controls were alerted to an overrun alarm by a Seer Advanced unit installed on a housing development’s pumping station in Weir Hill, on the outskirts of Shrewsbury. The team accessed the Seer Portal for closer inspection and noticed that, despite the affected pump running constantly, the station’s wet well levels were not lowering.

After the initial alert was received, our team remotely accessed and analysed the station’s live operational data to pinpoint the cause of the pump overrunning.

Adoptable pumping station control system with Seer telemetry installed.Adoptable pumping station control system with Seer telemetry installed.

Bespoke Control Panels for Process Automation

A local material handling company came to T-T with specifications for three control panels needed to automate processes in a large parcel delivery warehouse for a major logistics client. The builds were bespoke, designed by a third-party consultant and required on a fast turnaround in order to fit with the new site opening.

Our skilled technical team were able to complete the order and fulfil the client’s manufacturing needs within their required build programme, utilising our in-house technical assembly, wiring and testing facilities.

Besopke control panels.Besopke control panels.

Cost-Effective Bespoke Pump Station Controls

A local water authority came to T-T Controls in need of a control panel for an effluent pumping station set to be installed on a small housing development. Due to the low number of houses on the site and budget restrictions faced by the authority, the client was seeking a lower cost control solution than a standard adoptable style panel.

Our experts designed and manufactured a bespoke control system that met the needs for the local water authority to take over while keeping manufacturing costs low.

Bespoke adoptable specification control panel in a GRP kiosk.Bespoke adoptable specification control panel in a GRP kiosk.

Customised Control Panels for Off-Grid Water System

T-T Controls and Automation provided two sets of control panels for villages within the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Africa. The Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur are a Roman Catholic institute, founded to provide education to the poor. The group provides support to people living with poverty in the most abandoned places.

T-T provided two sets of customised control panels, which operate the system to extract and transport the water into a set of storage tanks, to the villages.

Control panels for water system in a community in Congo.Control panels for water system in a community in Congo.

Seer Monitoring - David Wilson Homes Adoptable Pump Station

As part of a highway development project on the A50 near Uttoxeter, T-T Pumps designed, supplied and installed a new relocated pumping station to facilitate commercial and residential development around the JCB World Parts Centre.

As part of the project, a new pumping station was required to facilitate new commercial and residential development in the area around the JCB World Parts Centre in Uttoxeter, Staffordshire. This involved relocating the existing pumping station serving the JCB site and diverting part of the pumping main...

Adoptable pumping station control panel in a kiosk.Adoptable pumping station control panel in a kiosk.


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