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How-to: Affix a Float Switch Counterweight

T-T counterweights instructional video screenshot.

Counterweights are necessary in level control applications where there is no fixed object to attach a float switch to, acting as the pivot point.

T-T Controls Flo Range of Float Switches are designed for different applications, available with a counterweight to meet the various demands and requirements of fluid level control. The video below gives you a brief breakdown of the different features within our range and shows you how to affix a float switch counterweight.


Hi my name is Toby from T-T Controls.

Today I am going to talk you through how to install a float switch, including affixing the Float Switch counterweight.

Before you start please make sure you are both electrically and mechanically qualified for this job.

We have four types of float switches within our range, which are used for filling and emptying applications such as pump control, or high and low level warning indication.

Starting with the black and yellow float switch, this is our FLO101 ATEX/IECEx Approved Float Switch, for zone 0 applications and low current switching.

Then we have the, FLO102, general purpose Float Switch.

The FLO106 Float Switch is for use in diesel and fuel oils.

Lastly the FLO107 uses WRAS approved materials in its construction, making it the ideal choice for use in potable and drinking water applications.

So, let’s get started. First of all make sure that you risk assess the task in hand from the outset in case of electrical works and if working in a confined space, such as a pump well.

Consult or employ any specialised operatives as required to carry out the task. Ensure you isolate any power sources whilst working on the system.

You will need to affix the float switch suspended from the top of the chamber or pump, and for stability use a float switch counterweight. We have five counterweights to suit various floats and their specific suitability can be found in detail on our website, just click on the link below.

I am now going to show you how to fit our T-T counterweight 4 onto a float switch cable. This counterweight comes with a metal outer enclosure and a rubber grommet insert, which can be simply fitted on your cable at any point, like so. The grommet has a slot in it so it can mount on the cable, then slide the metal outer enclosure over the grommet, which will secure the counterweight in place.

Alternatively, you can remove the rubber grommet and affix the counterweight directly to the float.

 I hope this has helped and provided you with useful advice in fitting a counterweight onto a float switch. If you need any further information, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01630 647200 or view our range online using the links below.


Float Switch FLO101 - The FLO101 is an ATEX/IECEx approved Float Switch for zone 0 applications and low current switching. It contains a special low current microswitch, which when used with an ATEX/IECEx approved barrier. It is compatible with the voltage and current requirements of intrinsically safe systems, such as areas designated as hazardous gas environments.

Float Switch FLO102 - FLO102 is a non-mercury Float Switch for general-purpose use. It is constructed from a polypropylene housing molded to a 3-core synthetic rubber cable and contains an internal microswitch and rolling ball operator.

Float Switch FLO106 - FLO106 is a non-mercury float switch designed for use in diesel oil. It is constructed from a polypropylene housing molded to a 3 core EPR insulated polyurethane cable and contains an internal microswitch and rolling ball operator.

Float Switch FLO107 - FLO107 is a non-mercury float switch designed for use in potable water applications. It is constructed in WRAS-approved materials and comprises of a polypropylene housing molded to a 3-core EPDM cable and contains an internal microswitch and rolling ball operator.

For further support and technical advice, please do not hesitate to contact our experts by calling +44 (0)1630 647200 or emailing ttcontrols@ttpumps.com

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