Lubricant and Fuel Pumps


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  1. EP Bronze self-priming transfer pump complete with Trolley
    Starting From £84.00 £70.00
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  3. IRON50 12V & 24V Diesel Transfer Pump
    Starting From £264.00 £220.00
  4. Transfer Pump - Oilways
    Starting From £426.00 £355.00
  5. IRON50 Self-priming, explosion proof pump
    Starting From £1,056.00 £880.00
  6. MSGE Mini Fuel Station
    Starting From £1,008.00 £840.00
  7. MG-80 Mechanical Meter
    Starting From £198.00 £165.00
  8. EA90 Lubricant gear pump
    Starting From £600.00 £500.00
  9. GC high pressure and high flow pneumatic lubricant pump
    Starting From £420.00 £350.00

Items 1-12 of 21

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If you need rugged and reliable products for heavy duty day to day use, you’re certain to find exactly what you need in our extensive range of lubricant and fuel pumps. These products are continuously rated and fully repairable, and they’re perfectly suitable for use with lubricants, fuels, urea, light oils, and grease.

This cutting edge equipment is suitable for almost any application, including fuel, oil and water transfer, barrel filling, decanting, agriculture and farming, building and construction, transport, and marine. There’s a huge variety of products, including a number of advanced transfer pumps and ATEX transfer pumps, hand pumps, pneumatic pumps, flow meters, nozzles, filters, and even mini fuel stations.