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RIBA Approved CPD

Since 1959 we have been dedicated to making fundamental information surrounding pumps, valves, controls, pumping stations and agricultural equipment accessible to all.  Our RIBA-approved Pumping Stations CPD brings you comprehensive pump station knowledge, available from the comfort of your own office (or ours!).  The CPD Seminar – approximately 45 minutes long and delivered by our expert technicians – is interactive and informative, focusing on a variety of pumping station topics.


T-T's Continual Professional Development covers all areas needed for a comprehensive understanding of pumping stations, their functionality, design considerations and long-term maintenance. Browse the range of topics below:

  • The entire pumping station design process, from initial conception to installation and commissioning.
  • How to choose pump station components for optimal performance in different applications.
  • Pump station maintenance requirements and best practices for extending the life and reliability of your equipment.
  • Relevant legislation and guidance across England, Wales and Scotland.
  • The different components within a pump station; such as valves, pumps and other fittings.
  • The regulatory design requirements of an adoptable pumping station.
  • What to expect during the adoption processes of an adoptable pump station.
  • The regulatory design requirements of a private pumping station.
An aerial image of the inside of a pumping station wet well, showing valves, pumps, float switches and other pumping station components.An aerial image of the inside of a pumping station wet well, showing valves, pumps, float switches and other pumping station components.

Who Are RIBA?

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) is a worldwide professional membership that strives for excellence within all aspects of architecture. RIBA supports the continuous improvement of buildings, communities and the environment through a variety of industry-leading education and training opportunities and by working with architects, RIBA members and the government to advocate for change.


Pumping Stations - We have vast experience in providing systems -  from the smallest to the most complex schemes. Due to the environmental sensitivity of effluent handling and drainage, selecting the most suitable pumping station is vital.  Simplifying and sharing our expertise will ensure you have the comprehensive knowledge needed to complete your project.  The session will cover Sewers for Adoption and Design and Construction Guidance, Water Authorities across England, Scotland and Wales; and considerations for sustainable construction. 

Pumps - With over 58 years of experience in the pump industry, we are fluent in all types of pump models and their uses. Attendees of the seminar will understand how to choose the most efficient and reliable pump to ensure long-term benefits for both the pumping station and the environment. During the CPD we will discuss submersible pumps and how they work; different pump impeller configurations and their uses; mounting, including guide rails and auto-coupling.

Valves - Appropriate valves are vital to pumping stations, with their design and positioning having a major impact on the operating standards of your effluent handling processes. During the CPD, different kinds of relevant valves and their uses will be discussed, including air release valves, gate valves and non-return valves – as well as how to position them for maximum efficiency and the importance of surge analysis.

Controls - Our in-house experts, proficient design engineers, skilled wiremen and thorough test engineers have come together to discuss the important role of control panels within pumping stations. The CPD will cover topics such as the differences between private and adoptable pumping stations control panels; control panel functionality and additional features such as warning alarms; how to winterize control panels; the benefits of cloud-based monitoring.

Service - As an owner/operator of a sewage pump station, you want peace of mind that your station is efficient and environmentally friendly, avoiding breakdowns and costly legal repercussions. Ouer seminar ensures you have the information needed to plan the appropriate maintenance for your system. We will cover the pumping station operator’s duty of care; the benefits of regular maintenance; risk assessments; and environmental responsibility.

Why choose our CPD course?

Year-on-year more residential, commercial and industrial buildings are needed to match the UK’s growing communities and businesses. These buildings need facilities (such as bathrooms and kitchens), and these facilities need a suitable waste management system to remove wastewater/sewage generated by the building’s occupants.

As the demand for infrastructure increases, so does the demand for pumping stations and professionals who know their way around them – inside and out, from conception to commissioning. Our Pumping Station CPD gives professionals the opportunity to update their existing knowledge so that it reflects the latest developments in legislation, regulations, and industry standards.

For attendees newer to the world of fluid control, our seminar will provide essential pumping station information (covering functionality, design, installation, operation and maintenance processes) needed to ensure optimal product selection and effective aftercare.

Gain expertise that are highly sought-after in the construction industry, all while developing your professional portfolio, with a CPD seminar approved by industry leaders the Royal Institute of British Architects.

Two service engineers installing a blue T-T pump in the ground as part of a pumping station installation.Two service engineers installing a blue T-T pump in the ground as part of a pumping station installation.


A certificate will be issued to each attendee upon completion of a CPD lunch and learn seminar. Please note that all Pumping Station CPD requests are forwarded to our Technical Sales Engineers who will be in touch to confirm suitable dates. While we aim to contact you as soon as possible, please allow 5 working days for confirmation of the date.

CPD resources will be sent via email once the seminar is completed, allowing all attendees to consolidate their learning and reference the information in the future.