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Adoptable Pumping Stations

Managing wastewater and sewage can be a complex and costly challenge for housing developers. But we have a practical and cost-effective solution: consider constructing a wastewater and sewage pumping station that can be "adopted" by your local water authority.

This approach not only relieves you of future maintenance and running costs but also ensures compliance with local regulations and requirements. At T-T, we have extensive experience working with water authorities and are well-versed in their expectations and current legislations. 


What is Pumping Station Adoption?

Adoption of a water pumping station is a legal transfer of a pumping station from the owner or developer to the local water authority. The water authority is then responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the pumping station.

For a successful pump station adoption the system’s design, construction and installation need to be compliant with the relevant Local Water Authorities specifications and the Design Construction Guidance.

Water Authorities & NAVs We Work With

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Stages of Adoption...

Stage 1 - Design

After receiving your order, our in-house team will prepare a full set of mechanical and engineering drawings for submission to the appropriate water authority.

During the design process, we will communicate with the water authority and developer design teams to ensure all aspects of the pumping station are covered.

Stage 2 - Equipment manufacture

Once design approval has been obtained, the final manufacturing stage will commence for the pumps, control systems, pipework, valves and ancillary equipment.

Lead times are kept to a minimum and due to the in-house manufacture of most equipment and our large stock-holding, there is no need for external resources.

Stage 3 - Installation

Once all commissioning work is completed our engineers will undertake a full check of the installation, ensuring that it is safe and satisfies the required specifications. 

A full installation and commissioning report is provided for your reference and following an NICEIC test, the pumping station is then put into operation. 

Stage 4 - Maintenance period

The mechanical and electrical equipment provided in our pumping systems are offered with a 12-month warranty as standard against any defective parts/faults, unfortunately, this does not include blockages, misuse or vandalism. Extended warranties can be offered on request.

In addition, our Service department will follow up our commissioning visit with an offer of a pump maintenance package, providing you with year-round service and maintenance schedules to keep your pumping station in optimal working condition.

Stage 5 - Adoption

The process of pumping station adoption requires that the developer builds to a required standard and quality to achieve 'Adoption'.

We will control the adoption process on your behalf to ensure a smooth handover to the Utility Company incorporating all documentation from a design package to operating and maintenance manuals.

Pre-handover inspections are a standard feature of our service liaising with the adoption engineers to ensure a smooth, uninterrupted handover. 

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Why choose T-T?


We don’t need to rely on sub-contractors for any stage of work, meaning we have 100% control over quality and service.


Our on-site manufacturing facilities allow us to manage your system's design, ensuring it meets the water authorities' specifications.


Pumping station adoption can be a complicated process, but T-T are on hand to guide you every step of the way.


To avoid delays or complications we visit your site for a pre-installation inspection, ensuring you are ready for our team to begin work.


We provide detailed drawings and reports, this ensures the pump station can be incorporated into your project.


Our large stock-holding of equipment, materials and spares keeps work within tight project timelines.


65 years of experience in the wastewater management industry means our valuable knowledge and experience cannot be beaten.

A diagram of the T-T Ready Sump being installed on a housing development site. A diagram of the T-T Ready Sump being installed on a housing development site.

Ready Sump - PreCast Concrete Sump

All pumping stations – both private and adoptable – were traditionally constructed from concrete rings, fitted with pipework and valve assemblies as part of this process.

This method is challenging to get right – requiring construction of the base benching by hand with someone working very deep within the chamber, posing a health and safety risk.

Package pump stations are the contemporary solution for private stations, providing a sped-up and simplified installation process with all construction completed off-site. However, they are not suitable for adoptable package pumping stations where the final design is specific to each individual site and water authority, with the vast majority still needing to be constructed from concrete in order to achieve adoption.

The Ready Sump® is a pre-benched concrete unit that is constructed off-site, allowing for the rapid, simple and safe installation of benching for successful pumping station adoption.

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