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Adoptable Pumping Stations


T-T works with all of the UK's leading housing development companies, to supply a reliable and cost-effective pumping solution, which will assist in reducing overall build costs on the development.

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Product Information

Adoptable Pumping Stations

Developers Choice

The choice of utilising Adoptable or Non Adoptable Pumping Stations is very often a case of economies and whether the necessary space is available for an Adoptable Pumping Station.

Non Adoptable Pumping Station

The non-adoptable pumping station can be utilised in:

  • Single Dwellings
  • Business Premises / Offices
  • Commercial property
  • Industrial
  • Hotels
  • Nursing Homes
  • Caravan Park

Pros and Cons

- A non-adoptable pumping station is far more economical to install as it does not require the need to meet the demands of the Water Companies' specifications

- The pumping station will be equally as reliable and efficient as the equivalent adoptable pumping station

- Quick and easy to install

- Less space required

- Overall costs less

- Property owners will be responsible for running and maintenance costs

Adoptable Pumping Stations

The adoptable pumping station can be utilised in:

  • Multiple housing developments
  • Commercial

Pros and Cons

- Adoptable  stations will have to comply with the current requirements of Sewers for Adoption and amendments by the local Water Company

- Lead time and adoption is longer

- Running and operating costs are the responsibility of Water Companies after adoption.

Stages from Concept to Adoption

What is Sewers For Adoption?

The basis of Sewers for Adoption is to ensure that the developer builds to a required standard and quality. To achieve 'Adoption' of a pumping station the specification, build and installation of the system would have to be compliant with Local Water Company specifications. Details of these specifications are found in the 'Sewers for Adoption' guidelines, published by WRc Plc, which is the standard set for the design and construction of sewers within the UK.

Concept to Project

We like to be involved at the early stage to advise on the most effective way to position and construct the pumping station and what is the most economical solution. Each client will receive a single specialist to liaise with on a day-to-day basis and who will manage your project.


A competitively priced service is offered that will meet with your criteria, with no additional hidden costs and on receipt of official instruction to proceed you will receive an agreed programme of works.


In-house design facilities are used, incorporating the latest technology, to create full design and manufacturing drawings, these will be specific to your project. Having this feature in-house allows us greater flexibility to respond to design up-dates and amendments. During the design process, we will if required, communicate with the Water Company and the developers' design team to ensure that all aspects of the pumping station are comprehensively covered.

Equipment Manufacture

Once design approval has been obtained, the final manufacturing stage will commence for the pumps, control system, pipework, valves and ancillary equipment - a bespoke arrangement to your site's specific requirements. Lead times are kept to a minimum and due to the in-house manufacture of most equipment and our large stock-holding there is no need for external resources.


All installation work is carried out by our own highly trained and skilled installation teams who have the necessary combined electrical/mechanical skills to install pumping stations. A full installation report is left with the developers' site representative detailing any items which need attention related to the civil work or the M&E installation prior to commissioning.


Our commissioning engineers will undertake a full check of the installation, ensuring that the installation is safe and meets all of the required standards. A full installation report will be given and a certificate of electrical completion is also issued once all equipment has been commissioned.

Maintenance Period

The mechanical and electrical equipment provided in our pumping systems are offered with a 12 month warranty as standard against any defective parts/faults, unfortunately this does not include for blockages, misuse of vandalism. Extended warranties can be offered on request.

In addition our Service Department will follow up our commissioning visit with an offer of a maintenance contract whereby you will be able to have peace of mind that your installation will be regularly inspected and maintained this reducing the risk of un-necessary expensive breakdowns. Service visits can be tailored to meet your needs and can be adjusted as necessary.


We are familiar with the requirements of all Utility Companies which enables us to provide the correct equipment to meet the needs of your particular scheme.

T-T will control the Adoption process from concept through to Adoption on your behalf to ensure smooth a smooth handover to the Utility Company incorporating all documentation from a design package to operating and maintenance manuals. Pre-handover inspections are a standard feature of our service liaising with the Adoptions Engineers to ensure a smooth, uniterrupted handover.

Sewers for Adoption

For housing developments, it's both practical and cost effective to construct a wastewater and sewage pumping station that can be 'adopted' by the local water company- eliminating the developers' responsibility for future maintenance and running costs.

Having worked with all Water Companies over the years T-T are fully aware of their requirements, expectations and current legislation. This enables us to ensure that your project runs smoothly and that the station is Adopted within the fastest most cost-effective time frame.

An Adoptable pumping station is required for inflows from domestic dwellings where th local Water Company will adopt the pumping station on satisfactory completion to Swers for Adoption (SFA7) specification and contributing standards.

Adoptable pumping stations are categorised into four types which is determined by inflow, please ask a member of our experienced team for further information.


SFA7 is applicable at the time of printing and many update, also each water company has its own requirements that are in addition to SFA7 specification. Please consult with T-T Pumping Stations to ensure that the requirements are met for your pumping station.

What our customers say about us:

"They are my supplier of choice and I will be using them on another new site. We have no health and safety issues with them and the site team followed all our procedures and needed no extra supervision.

T-T stuck to their tender price and subsequent adoption of all stations has gone without incident."

David Wilson Homes

"T-T Controls/T-T Pumps have been supplying Pumps and Controls systems to London Underground and Transport for London for a minimum of 10 years and as a very satisfied ex-employee of those companies I can say T-T has been and still are a very professional organisation and a pleasure to do business with.

There is a 'will do' attitude that comes from the very top and works its way down."

GGL Consultancy

" I have been using T-T Pumps now for 20 years and they have always provided not only an excellent product, but their advice and knowledge has been of great benefit, both with regards to subsequent design and of financial benefit".


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