Sump Pumps and Cellar Drainers

T-T Pumps range of Sump Pumps and Cellar Pumps are designed, engineered and manufactured to give the user a durable and long-life product that is fully repairable and, as always, an excellent investment. All submersible pumps supplied by T-T Pumps are rated to IP68 and use a mechanical seal for superior motor protection.

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  1. T-T 100 submersible drainage pump

    T-T 100

    Starting from £200.00

  2. Samsump plastic sump pump


    Starting from £158.00

  3. DR Steel stainless steel drainage pump 3D render, a grey pump with a grey level control float switch attached.

    From Zenit's Steel Series of electric submersible pumps, DR Steel is compact and durable - ideal for pumping slightly soiled wastewater and domestic applications.

  4. Robust Sump Pump - Z Float

    Goliath Super

    Starting from £285.00

5 Items found

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