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Sump Pumps and Cellar Drainers

T-T Pumps range of Sump Pumps and Cellar Pumps are designed, engineered and manufactured to give the user a durable and long-life product that is fully repairable and, as always, an excellent investment. All submersible pumps supplied by TT Pumps are rated to IP68 and use a mechanical seal for superior motor protection.

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  1. T-T 100 submersible drainage pump

    T-T 100

    Starting from £180.00

  2. Samsump plastic sump pump


    Starting from £158.00

  3. DR Steel stainless steel drainage pump

    DR Steel

    Starting from £305.00

  4. Robust Sump Pump - Z Float

    Goliath Super

    Starting from £265.00

5 Items found

12 24 36 All

Sump Pumps and Cellar Drainers

Sump and Cellar Pumps are submersible pumps with most pumps being built as automatic operation and can be left to operate with very little attention, keeping your water levels under control. A submersible sump pump is designed to pump Grey water which originates from high groundwaters that percolate into lower parts of a building, typically found in the cellar. Submersible pumps are not designed for pumping raw sewage or aggregates; these applications require unique selection.


The ideal sump pump installation will require a sump hole at the lowest point of the cellar, which will allow excess water to drain into it. As the water level rises, the level control will sense the level, and when it reaches the desired upper limit, the pump will start. Once the lower level is achieved, the level control will turn the pump off until the upper level is sensed, and the cycle is repeated. Usually, the discharge pipework will be routed to the nearest foul drain (if you are not sure which is foul discharge, please get advice from your local council or water company.)


For most cellars, a 1” (25mm) to 2” (50mm) discharge is more than adequate and requires a non-return adjacent pump to avoid liquid returning when the pump stops. A flexible hose can be used for rising discharge pipework, but for a more permanent and reliable installation, we would strongly recommend using either galvanised steel pipework or plastic (ABS) pipework for long life and reliability.


Most cellars pumps operate on a 230volt 1phase power supply and require a fused switched spur outlet as a minimum, and a qualified electrician must undertake any electrical installation. Within the range of sump pumps available from TT Pumps the Goliath Super is the most popular with high efficiency and excellent solids handling, starting at 30mm for the Goliath Super and up to 35mm on the 400. The listed solids handling makes the Goliath range an absolute favourite for commercial cellars in the refreshments industry.


When selecting a sump pump, you will need to gather the following information.

1)     Water volume: The volume of water that will be pumped, this can be difficult when the groundwater level varies during the year. The best method is to take the worst conditions if a cellar floods to a few inches once or twice per year and then provide the cellars floor area to calculate the volumes.

2)     Dimensions of the sump hole

3)     Solids within the water

4)     The discharge head: The discharge head is the difference between the expected lowest water level when the cellar is drained to the expected discharge point.

5)     Discharge pipework length: The length is determined by the distance from the pump to the discharge point.

6)     Will the pipework rise to the discharge point without interruption, and does it have any lower points in the pipework instead of a steady rise?

7)     Electrical power supply available.

Our sales team will be happy to assist and help you with the best selection.


The maintenance of a sump is minimal but should be checked regularly to ensure that debris such as leaves do not block the suction inlet/strainer. Always isolate the pump when inspecting or cleaning the sump, as the pump can start automatically without warning and can cause injury.

If the sump pump is serving an area that may be sensitive to further water damage, it is always worth considering a High-Level Alert Alarm if the pump cannot meet the pumping demand because of unusual weather conditions or unexpected water ingress. The Alert also can be supplied with a battery backup, so you will still get an early warning if the pump power supply has been interrupted.

For more extensive commercial cellars where inflow volumes are much higher, larger drainage pumps within a pumping station will be employed. Our Planet range of package pumping stations is an excellent option, with our Pluto pumping station being a popular choice.  

Please contact our experts.

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