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We are professionals in valve design, manufacturing and distribution, with of a range of engineered waterworks valves and associated equipment for all industries.

The range extends to complete project packages incorporating actuated valves, fabricated operating equipment, pipework, valves gearboxes, and ancillaries. Visit our Custom Valves page to find out more. Have a question? Visit our FAQ page for more information.

Valve FAQs

What is the blue fusion bonded epoxy coating?
What is the difference between WRAS approved components and fully WRAS approved products?
Which valves are WRAS approved?
What do the abbreviations on the valve product pages stand for?
How do you position a valve?
What colour are T-T Flow valves?
Can a valve have a different flange drilling to its pressure rating?
Are there any design constraints?
Can safety guards be fitted to either side of a swing check valve?
Does T-T Flow test every valve?
What is a valve interlock?
What are valve operating elements?
Can valves be operated remotely?
What does PN (Pressure Nominal) mean?