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We manufacture a wide range of wastewater pumps, constantly striving to improve our products to provide long-term benefits for our customers and the environment. Our broad expertise allows us to offer specialised pump products, with over 100 models ranging from 0.15kW to 1000kW. Visit our Custom Pumps Page to find out more. 

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The Tropical Butterfly House came to T-T because the pumps in their butterfly house's main water feature were constantly failing. This disrupted operations, led to costly repairs and put the enclosure's fish and other tropical animals at risk of harm from stagnant water.

They were in need of a reliable solution to protect their creatures and their business, so we supplied two Trencher dewatering pumps designed to perform reliably in tough applications.


T-T worked closely with local construction management company 3R Projects to supply a borehole pump and several other wastewater management solutions to the Houses of Parliament.

The site's previous borehole pump had failed and required a replacement that would fit existing infrastructure for a fast and low-cost installation.


A client approached our experts in need of an urgent replacement pump within a short timeframe, as they had been unsuccessful in sourcing a suitable substitute themselves.

T-T had the perfect replacement available for ultra-fast delivery. The replacement pump we specified needed minimal modification to the site's existing infrastructure for installation, resulting in saved money and a very relieved client...


Major sporting ground Stoke City FC came to our experts for a new pitch irrigation and drainage system, stressing the need for an economic and reliable solution.

We specified a twin pump Hi-Dro Boost set made up of fixed and variable speed clean water pumps that can adjust their speed based on the needs of the application, ensuring efficient water and energy usage...


The Scottish Salmon Company, supplying over 30,000 tonnes of Scottish salmon to over 26 countries worldwide, came to our experts in desperate need of a high-flow freshwater pumping solution to save their farm.

A complete system was needed to pump over 4000m³ of freshwater a day over a distance of 1600m. Experts from across our divisions worked collaboratively to ensure the chosen components would achieve the site's required duty point and operate automatically for ease of use...

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