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Submersible Water Feature Pump for Butterfly House

T-T Pumps took a walk on the wild side recently when they were asked for a submersible water pump for a water feature at the Tropical Butterfly House in Sheffield.

The Problem

The Tropical Butterfly House came to T-T because the pumps in their butterfly house's main water feature were constantly failing. This disrupted operations, led to costly repairs and put the enclosure's fish and other tropical animals at risk of harm from stagnant water. They were in need of a reliable solution to protect their creatures and their business.

The Solution

The T-T team began by assessing the site's needs to ensure that the most suitable pumps were selected, guaranteeing that they can handle the demands of the application to reduce the risk of a failure.

Two Trencher Dewatering Pumps were selected for the job - these 2 inch submersible water pumps are ideal for small water features as they are designed to be light and compact.

There are several design features that make these pumps safer for use in bodies of water with wildlife present. The motors that control the flow of water through the pumps has an output of 0.4 - 1.5 kW - with the lower range providing necessary pumping but with little water turbulence that could harm the fish. The motor was also filled with a non-toxic oil to ensure no harm comes to any animals should it get into the water.

Despite its lightweight design, T-T's submersible water pumps are able to handle the sand and silt present in The Tropical Butterfly House's feature. An agitator stirs up water in the pumps, preventing sediment and debris from settling and leading to a blockage. This in turn can lead to a breakdown and harm to the wildlife. An auto thermal protector further reduces the risk of a breakdown - power to the motor is stopped when the pumps get too hot, resuming operations once a safe temperature is reached. By turning off to cool for short periods, the pumps can avoid damage from overheating and will be overall more reliable.

Submersible water feature pump for happy fishes
12 months later and The Tropical Butterfly House has reported that there have been no issues with the Trencher Dewatering Pumps installed by the T-T team - happy fishes and happy guests all around!

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