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Sewage, Drainage & Pump Station Maintenance

For cost-effective and reliable preventative pump maintenance look no further. Our Pump Maintenance Packages (Pump Service Agreements) provide year-round service and maintenance schedules to keep your pumping station in optimal working condition.


A Pump Maintenance Package (Service Agreement) is a contract between T-T Service and you, implemented to keep your equipment in optimal working condition, save you money and help you avoid unexpected pumping station breakdowns.

We offer three levels of support, with additional features and bespoke packages available. These include two services a year as standard, covering all major equipment, mechanical and electrical components to ensure that your site is running efficiently.

Features include Seer® 24/7 pump monitoring (with a Level 2 or bespoke Pump Maintenance Package); access to our workshop's wide range of stock, available for urgent shipping; and access to our experienced team for expert technical advice when you need it most.

Pump station service Pump station service
T-T service van T-T service van


As an owner or operator of a pumping station, you want reassurance that your equipment is functioning efficiently. We provide pre-set and bespoke pump maintenance packages to suit your maintenance needs and improve the longevity of your pump system.

Our skilled in-house team and on-site engineers offer a comprehensive after-sales service for your site, encompassing domestic, commercial/industrial pumping stations, valves, control panels and more.

Anyone can call the Service team for technical advice and to book a repair or a one-off service, but service agreement holders receive priority over parts and breakdown attendance, and access to tankering and jetting services via our partners.

What's included in a Pumping Station service?

  • Cleaning and emptying the tank
  • Checking that there are no blockages and if there are any removing them
  • Inspecting that there are no defects in the sewage pump system e.g. broken pipes, pump seals, problems with the float switch or impeller
  • Testing water alarms, battery backup systems and telemetry systems
  • Testing and checking all operating control panels
  • Performing electrical insulation resistance tests for longevity

Benefits of Pump maintenance packages

fast solutions fast solutions


Maintenance packages allow us full access to details of equipment on your site enabling us to immediately begin troubleshooting and performing remote resets for a quick resolution.

Our priority booking Our priority booking


If on-site service is required you receive time-slot priority on the call-out and 15% off any T-T parts used.

Detailed reports Detailed reports


We provide a comprehensive report of the work that was undertaken and the current status of your site to keep you informed on the life expectancy of your equipment.

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Pump maintenance package options

T-T Level one

The standard package includes two services per year for dual stations and one service per year for a single installation.

T-T Level two

This package includes all the standard package benefits plus our Seer® monitoring service. Our monitoring service ensures your station is monitored by T-T 24/7

T-T Level three

Our premier agreement includes two services per year, all parts plus one pump per year if required plus two breakdown call outs included.

Service T-T Level One Standard T-T Level two Advanced T-T Level Three Premier
Comprehensive service of pumping equipment as per our service schedule.
Return of any failed pumps to our workshop for quotation of repair or replacement
Full comprehensive service reports
Priority breakdown charged at our standard hourly rate
15% discount on all T-T products for the site registered on the Service Agreement
Arrangement of tankering with our partners. 15% administrator fee
Monitoring of pumping station, including weekly status reports and advice of failures (subject to conditions of our out of hours contract) *optional
One pump replacement if required
Two breakdowns, one T-T pump and all T-T parts (only available on T-T installed stations)

*Monitoring is available on all Level 3 agreements as an optional extra. Other monitoring systems are available.

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For a free no-obligation quote or advice, call our Specialist Advisers +44 (0)1630 647200

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do pumping stations need servicing?

Regular maintenance and servicing is vital to maintaining consistent pump station efficiency and performance. Routine cleaning, inspections and testing will ensure all components are in the correct operating condition and prevent issues such as blockages or accelerated wear. Proactive maintenance allows for problems to be identified and addressed before they lead to system failures or breakdowns that result in downtime, costly repairs and environmental damage. 

Without regular care, you can experience the following issues:

  • Tank overflow - Raw and untreated sewage spilling from your tank into the surrounding environment, leading to fines and expensive repairs/cleanup.
  • Blockages - Toilets, sinks and showers may drain slowly or not at all and unpleasant smells can occur.
  • Increased operating costs - Without maintenance your equipment will run less efficiently over time, leading to increased energy expenditure.
  • Expensive repairs - Regular maintenance reduces the risk of larger issues occurring because they are identified and dealt with before they can develop.

How often should a sewage pumping station be serviced?

This depends on the scale and demand of the site, but for traditional sewage pumping stations we would recommend a six-monthly service to keep everything operating efficiently and prevent breakdowns.

What checks are made during service visits?

A full system service includes both electrical and mechanical integrity, including overall safety and operating cleanliness of the pumping station. We endeavour to ensure your pumping station will operate efficiently and reliably for the long term.

Are T-T Service Engineers qualified to work on-site?

All our site personnel are CSCS card holders, demonstrating they have the appropriate training and qualifications for on-site work. Other training/qualifications held by our engineers include:

  • Construction Safety Training Services
  • Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme
  • 18th Edition Electrical
  • First Aid
  • Abrasive Wheels
  • Slinger Banksman

Do you carry out clean water services?

Yes - at the T-T headquarters in Cheshire we have a dedicated clean water testing facility for carrying out hygienic water pump repair services.

How do you maintain a pump?

Effective pump maintenance is crucial to maintaining consistent efficiency and reliable pump operation. Regular maintenance and servicing will also proactively address issues before they escalate into costly breakdowns. All pumps will benefit from regularly scheduled maintenance.

  1. Establish a regular maintenance schedule, refer to the pump manual for the manufacturer’s guidance on maintenance frequency.
  2. Complete regular visual inspections of the pump body and internal components for leaks, damage or signs of wear, including the condition of impellers, electrical wiring, motor and fittings.
  3. Replace worn or damaged parts such as seals, bearings and washers.
  4. Replace contaminated oil and re-lubricate moving parts as and when it is required, see the pump manual for the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  5. Clean components such as filters, seals and valves to prevent blockages, hydraulic inefficiencies and corrosion.

Get to know the pump and how it operates, if something looks or sounds different than usual it could be a sign of wear/degradation within the pump that requires further investigation.

You are transferred to the Service department where you will be asked for your SA (Service Agreement) number. You are transferred to the Service department where you will be asked tor your SA Service Agreement number
Your SA number them allows T-T full access to details and holos of the equipment on your site. Without your SA number T-T will need to ascertain details of the application, equipment and suspected issue
With details of the issue. T-T can immediately begin trouble-shooting and performing remote resets for a quick resolution (SA exclusive) Resolutions may take longer due to a lack of familiarity with images of the site, especially if the equipment is not from T-T
If on-site service is required you receive priority on the call-out and 15% off any T-T parts used. On-site servicing can be arranged, but those with Pump Maintenance Packages will receive time-slot priority
T-T will then provide you with a comprehensive report of the work that was undertaken and the current status of your site to keep you informed on the life expectancy of your equipment.