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Our Agricultural & Environmental division focuses on effluent treatment and anti-pollution products. We provide a combination of products and skills from a single source. Did you know, we are the sole distributor of Cri-Man products in the UK and Ireland. Have a question? Visit our FAQ page for more information. 

Read about some of our most challenging and interesting projects

Environmentally Responsible Slurry Management Solutions

Slurry storage specialists Agri Environmental Group (AEG) recently contacted T-T in search of a complete slurry management system for a customer with a sensitive surrounding environment.

T-T provided all of the components needed for an efficient and environmentally responsible slurry management system, using Cri-Man manufactured products for their reliable and industry-trusted design.

Screw Screens Improve Water Treatment Infrastructure

During a programme of continual improvements to water treatment infrastructure, two of T-T’s distributors contacted us regarding separate schemes that required the replacement of existing screw conveyors that were beyond economical repair.

We sized and selected two SFC Screen Compactors, suitable for channel or tank installation for screening of municipal and industrial wastewater.

Turning Farm Slurry into a Hygienic Bedding Alternative

A farm in Sussex wanted a cattle bedding alternative that would reduce the amount of slurry held in on-site storage. This would not only free up space on the farm but also reduce the risk of any environmental damage occurring from leaks or the production of harmful ammonia gases.

We supplied a HBC Biocell from Cri-Man, a solution that turns slurry into a hygienic bedding alternative for cattle complete with chopper pumps, separators, hoses, level control, control panel and more.

NITEC Coating for Long-Term Slurry Mixing

The T-T Agricultural and Environmental team were approached for help with a slurry mixer that was prematurely corroding, installed in digestate of an unknown pH value. The mixer was constructed of insufficient materials, leading to expedited wear of the equipment and vastly reducing the quality of the digestion process.

Our agricultural experts recommended a TBM Range mixer from Cri-Man, constructed from cast iron and stainless steel, with a Nitec anti-corrosion coating.

New Pumps for Agricultural Waste Management

A client came to us experiencing issues with their current dirty water management processes, reporting consistent pump failures that were costing both time and money to repair.

Our agricultural team assessed the client’s issues and the needs of the site, using their expertise to specify three automated pump systems for the farm that would be high quality and low maintenance.


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